22 July 2012

Honorable Nahas Angula
The Prime Minister
Republic of Namibia
Private Bag 13338

Dear Sir,


1. We read your response, with grace and appreciation, in Namibian Sun newspaper of Thursday 07 June 2012, to our major civil demands which are: a) a political dialogue between President Hifikepunye Pohamba and Mishake Muyongo, b) an unconditional release of all Caprivi political prisoners, and c) a referendum on Caprivi political dispute.

2. However, from our point of view, your response raises a number of questions which urgently need clarity to clear the path, and to inform the public towards reaching mutual interest of finding a lasting peaceful solution to the Caprivi political dispute.

3. We assure you and the public that our effort or call for a peaceful solution does not only go to the government of Namibia but equally to the leadership of the United Democratic Party (UDP).

4. We know and understand that there is currently no direct communication between government and UDP, of which such a communication would even make things much easier between the two for the sake of the people and peace.

5. We are happy that, in the absence of direct communication however, the leadership of UDP, through its president promptly responded in the Namibian newspaper of 14 June 2012, to the condition set by Government of Namibia and announced by you, Hon. Angula, the Prime Minister.

6. Having heard no comment or answer from Government for over a month now since UDP’s response, as concerned people who issued the demands; it is our duty and responsibility to follow up these demands to support a possible mutual dialogue that may open doors for Caprivi high treason suspects and all Caprivi exiles.

7. We therefore hereby call for clarity or answers on the following questions:

a) On what specific subject would Government of the Republic of Namibia hold dialogue with Mishake Muyongo if not on secession?

b) Since the state, not the High Court, is the complainant in the Caprivi high treason trial, with reference to the 2004 appeal by state against High Court acquittal ruling of thirteen (13) high treason suspects, is the president not empowered to withdraw Caprivi high treason case and seek a political remedy to it, as the head of state and humane leader?

c) As the leader of Government business in Parliament yourself, Honorable Prime Minister; you know that Chapter 7, Article 63, Sub-Article 2 (g) of the Namibian constitution empowers the National Assembly (Parliament) to initiate, approve or decide to hold a referendum on matters of national concern. Why is this constitutional blessing not taken advantage of by Government to peacefully settle the Caprivi political dispute, a dispute which has left many Caprivians displaced in exile, some in detention for about thirteen years now, whereas 21 lives have so far been lost while in detention?

8. Our reasoning tells us that the constitution should not suppress people or be a tool to do so, where it seems or does so, it must be amended. A constitution is the Supreme Law compiled by people and can therefore be changed by people to address new challenges; it did not fall from heaven.

9. Those who died in this dispute, those in prison, and those in exile including us suffering at home are sons of the soil who were created by God the Almighty like anybody else.

10. It is our belief that where there is will there is a way. Meanwhile, our demands remain standing. We look forward to hear from you in time.
We thank you.
Representatives of Concerned Caprivians

1. Edwin M. Samati (Shaile village)
2. Aldrin H. Mahulilo (Sibbinda)
3. Event M. Linyando (Makanga)
4. Chrissy Sikenda (Sabelo/Linyanti)
5. Lenox K. Lutambo (Chefuzwe)
6. Nalisa N. Muyahi (Chinchimani)
7. Starsen M. Muyambango (Masida)
8. Hobby Sinjabata (Sangwali)
9. George S. Machana (Masokotwani)
10. Coster Munuma (Lizauli)
11. Hoster Mukuni (Sikaunga)

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