Nyambe ready to play for Namibia at AFCON

By Simon Liseli

A soccer super-star playing for Blackburn Rovers in Europe is excited to join his home national team the Brave Warriors to play at African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Egypt.

Mr. Ryan Simasiku Nyambe a son of Zambezi region and currently playing in the first team in England started playing football at a tender age 13, and made his debut when he was 17 years old, he is now enthusiastic in joining Namibia’s national team.

Nyambe a defending Champion for Blackburn Rovers (left) gives a defence with the opponent

Ryan who is popularly known by his team mates as Nyambe in Europe was born on December 4, 1997 in Katima Mulilo. He grew up in the town of Katima and later went to Windhoek, as he was growing his mother left the country (Namibia) to England in Europe where she did her nursing course at a certain University.

Nyambe was left to his aunties Ms.Kahundu Precious Chaka and Brenda Chaka in Katima Mulilo who sent him to his other two (2) aunties Bernadette Nyambe and Jeva Edwards in Windhoek where he continued with his primary education.

His parents are Ms.Thelma Mbombozana Chaka and his blood father is Mr. Luscious Nyambe both Namibian born nationals. Simasiku is currently living in England with his mother, step-father, his little sister and brother plus his elder step-brother. He always likes to visit his grandmother who he loves very much here at home.

When asked about his previous school he attended when he jets to England, Nyambe replied “With my education I can’t remember much of some school names I attended in Namibia because I was still young but if I come I will be able to identify and show people where I went to school and grade I did in those schools”

He added that in England where he is currently living, he successfully completed his high school with five (5) GCSE and he is a college B Tech graduate, and is now doing his four (4) year University course in Sport Science.

From his childhood his ambition was probably anything to do with sport, “I thought I was always good at soccer as I used to play football with my cousins, I enjoyed and loved it very much when

Baby Simasiku Nyambe with Auntie Kahundu Chaka. ( photos Contributed)

I came to England” remembers Nyambe.

In this picture is Nyambe (Center) and his Aunties in Windhoek during his visit previous years ( Photo Contributed)

He is a professional player who plays the right back or Centre back, his favorite food is a bit of Nandos and Fanta. “What I mostly like about myself is that I am a professional football player” he concluded.

However, Brave Warriors’ national team Coach Mr. Ricardo Mannetti confirmed to Caprivi Vision Sport that he knows Nyambe as a professional footballer who will play for Namibia’s national team at African Cup of Nations (AFCON) on 23 June 2019 when it will clash with Morocco in Egypt.

Asked to briefly tell more if there was any contract given to Nyambe to play for the Brave Warriors, Mannetti fumed “My friend we don’t give contracts in Brave Warriors… it just depend on how we know the player, the experience he has in football with skills then I recommend such a player if he belongs to us” he quashed .








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