NUDO calls govt to intervene on drought


NATIONAL Democratic Unity Organisation (NUDO) is urging government to roll –out drought relief interventions to drought striking communal farmers in the country.

Namibia is expected to experience a situation of national drought due to poor rainfall in many parts of the country, the rainy season in Namibia starts from October to April of each year.

According to NUDO, Agriculture and Rural Development Divisional Head Mr.Elia Kandjii , Farmers who graze on commonage system and are not having the opportunity to practice rotational grazing strategy will remain as first victims of national drought.

Mr.Elia Kandjii , NUDO PARTY , Agriculture and Rural Development Divisional Head.
Mr.Elia Kandjii , NUDO PARTY , Agriculture and Rural Development Divisional Head.

He cautioned that the agricultural sector as represented by both the livestock and crop production is a back bone of the Namibian economy as being one of the dominating sector in employment creation and contributing enormously to the country Gross Domestic Product.

“Premise on the aforesaid the National Democratic Unity Organization is urging the Namibian government to remain alert and staring now to roll-out drought relive interventions and not to wait until we are in the cavernous of disasters as a result of drought.” Explained Mr. Kandjii.

He said the current situation is of profound enough for the nation to react and take precautionary measures in place and thus prevention and early detection is always better and cost efficient.

He however added that the government should be otherwise reviving its old subsidy program which was suspended years back due to suspected irregularities.

“NUDO is alerting the government to disburse its staff members in the field to do rigorous assessment, interact with local farmers and be able to design appropriate pro-poor pro-farmers interventions to remedy this natural disaster.” He said.

Mr. Kandjii also urged that while his political party is appreciating the government effort in transacting an N$400 – 00 for each large livestock marketed through organized structures, “NUDO is equally appealing that the government increases the amount to N$800 – 00 for large livestock and consider N$ 300 – 00 for small livestock. The current foreseen drought is degenerated by strict EU market requirements which are not pro-communal and equally the poor livestock marketing price been offered by speculators and local abattoirs.”

“we equally inviting farmers both communal & commercial to maintain the network in availing grazing, knowledge, material and even physical support to those enduring beyond survival edge. NUDO will equally opt to use its political muscle by presenting a motion in National Assembly in attempt to awaken the Political leaders to divert all efforts in addressing the national drought; it is thus we are urging the entire public to forward proposals and strategies in this regard to our Head Office for fortifying our motion. NUDO is committed towards addressing all issues that affect the socio-economic living of the ordinary citizen of this country.” He furthered.







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