Nicko Zamaleck – A true young musician on the block


By Risco Lumamezi

Nicky Mukwame Munyandi popularly known by his stage name “Nicko Zamaleck” who hails from Zambezi region was born in Katima Mulilo on 5 August 2000.His father who has since passed on, December 2008 is the late Mr. Kennedy Musukubili Munyandi and his mother Clarinah Mbuyu Mukwame both his parents originate from Sangwali Village, they have roots related to the Tswanas and Mbalangwe tribes.

Mr.Nicky Mukwame Munyandi, known by his stage name “Nicko Zamaleck”

“My mom took care of us afterwards to this very date, although my mother tongue is Siyeyi, we also speak Silozi and Subia a lot at home”. Says Munyandi

He started his Primary education at Greenwell Matongo Primary School in January 2006 and later went to Ngweze Primary School where he did his grade 2, and that is where he completed the rest of his primary education.

“I then went to Caprivi Senior Secondary School where I started and completed my secondary education (From grade 8 to grade 12).”

Last year (2019) he pursued his further studies with a bachelor degree in Journalism and Media Technology at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and is in his second year.

His burning ambition is to become a musician by communicating with people through music.“I am a part time musician and that’s currently my main source of income as I am still a student. I’m studying Journalism because I want to understand more of social media networking and also be one of the people from my region to keep an eye on society in terms of entertainment, politics, etc.”

Munyandi’s personal instinct once he will finish his degree is to study law.

Tell us more about your Music Career, where your love and inspiration comes from?

When it comes to music, I started engaging in it at the tender age of six (as far as I remember, I was in Sunday school at Apostolic Faith Mission: Goshen Assembly in Katima Mulilo, and I joined the church choir at the age of 9 where I continuously engaged in musical things up to this day.

I also participated in a lot of cultural and school activities from the age of nine. I also watched a lot of music channels.

What type of music do you produce?

I am very versatile when it comes to music genres and can do almost any sort but currently I am doing Afro-pop, RnB, Reggae, Hip Hop and House to name a few.

Who inspired you?

Funny enough I got inspired to start a solo career at 12 when I was watching Trace Urban and came across Turn me on by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj. I got inspired by Nicki Minaj as she could sing and rap at the same time, which motivated me to also do Hip Hop.

Who is your producer?

I used to work with Famous of Sound-View Exclusive but I’m now working with Mr. Glo of Glo Productions. But they are not permanently my producers.

Why are you doing music?

I am doing music because it is my passion, I once tried to avoid it but it always came to haunt me so it’s like I have no choice but to do it. It just runs in my blood.

We have seen that you released your first Single music video titled My Namibia, when was it launched and why is it called My Namibia?

My Namibia is a song that I had recorded at Sound-View Exclusive when I was 17, it is a song which I wrote in contribution to unity amongst all Namibians despite the aspects that always divide us and to also raise a standard in terms of creating a quality patriotic song compared to songs usually released. As much as I was happy that it was used by NBC for this year’s theme of independence, I’m still disappointed at the views it has on YouTube.

Recently, you have released your second music video; can you tell us more about it?

Power is a whole vibe… This song was also recorded in 2017 and its video has been released this year. It is a song that I wrote to myself and to my home region Zambezi. It is meant to inspire me to keep pushing myself to reach the level I opt for and to also our Zambezi culture as I feel that a lot of Namibians and other Africans do not know much of my native region so I wanted to promote my region before pursuing other different genres and to let the world Know that I as a Zambezi grown person am coming with fire and I represent my region and country Namibia in future endeavours.

Your Future Plans?

For now I still want to be formally educated and with music, I want to pursue it further but hopefully would like to also be signed to a major record label and maybe further my dreams abroad.

Your Hobbies?

I love singing, dancing, meeting new people, also being updated in political and entertainment affairs.

What is your favourite food?

I don’t have any favourite food but I know that I can’t live my life without Pap.

As a youngster what is your word of encouragement would like to tell young people outside there being a role model?

My message to everyone is to keep the hustle going and support upcoming artists in whatever way.

To the kids, especially the ones who are still in school, they should be serious with their studies and make it a priority before considering anything else. Especially others who want to be in the entertainment industry.

The Namibian entertainment industry is not that rewarding so it is better to focus on your other alternatives and develop them so you can fund your own art and sustain yourself.

Finally, your future career since you’re studying journalism what do you want to be after your further studies?

I’m studying Journalism because I want to understand more of social media networking and also be one of the people from my region to keep an eye on society in terms of entertainment, politics, etc. If I still have the will to learn by the time I complete my studies, I might study law again.

Education is very important!

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