Ndonga wants more population in Zambezi

By Simon Liseli  

Mr. Allen Kasama Ndonga, African herbalist

An African herbalist who specializes in producing and selling containers and powders for man to last longer in bed has expressed concerns to the current population in Zambezi.

The 2022 Population in Zambezi Region is estimated at the total of 97,663 Male 47,368 Female 50,293 Median age in Zambezi Region 22 Population by age 0-14 years old 35,386 15-29 years old 27,087 30-44 years old 19,293 45-59 years old 5,558, 60-74 years old 2,766, 75-89 years old 735, 90+ years old 23.

When caught-up at his vending spot located in the corner of Hage Geingob Street and Trans-Caprivi Highway in the town of Katima Mulilo is Mr. Allen Kasama Ndonga, popularly known to his clients as Dr. Ndonga.

He has called on all people in the region to use his traditional medicines to increase the population as the region still having a low number of population when compared to other regions in the country.

According to official reports, about 95,000 people (2011 census) live in the Caprivi Region now renamed as Zambezi Region of Namibia, which is about four (4) percent of Namibia’s population. The population is composed of subsistence farmers who eke-out their living on the banks of the Chobe , Kwando, Linyanti and Zambezi Rivers.

“People should do away of family planning because it affects their back, and men should do away with turning their back to women when in bed, that is the other problem women faces to men, I don’t know why men do that and when women complain, they are seen as troublemakers, I am here to solve if you have a problem, am the solution come” stressed Dr. Ndonga

In Zambezi alone, the population of Females is estimated to be 46,497 whilst Males are at 44,099

However, in 2020, the total fertility rate in Namibia remained unchanged at around 3.29 children per woman.

This means that the total fertility rates refer to the average number of children that a woman of childbearing age (generally considered 15 to 44 years) can expect to have throughout her reproductive years.

According to him, His challenges are people of the region who are not supporting him, but he is only supported much by people outside the region who tried his medicines and believed that it seriously works.

One of his clients who was found on the stand Mr. Mubita Kamwi appreciated Ndonga’s medicine as he has believed that it works because it has strengthened his back when he started using them, “am here at Dr. Ndonga to have some medicines to strengthen my baby in the womb’’ he said.

Dr. Ndonga is found at the corner of Hage Geingob street and Trans-Caprivi highway, his contacts are: +264 813513967/+264 816377991

Who is Dr Ndonga?

He is a traditional healer who treats different diseases, born and bred by his parents Mr. Someli Ndonga Sipando of Kongola west of Zambezi and his mother Ms. Mutumwa Siyanga who hails from Malengalenga southwest of Zambezi region.

Both his parents have passed on, he was born on 6 June 1970 at Kongola some 120 kilometers out of Katima Mulilo, grew up in Piggery location and started his primary education in 1977 at Sesheke primary school where he did his sub-A to standard 5, which is grade 7 today but due to lack of support he dropped out from school because the person who was supporting him passed away.

Dr. Ndonga

From school he worked as a garden boy to Mr. Henry Opperman from 1984 to 1990 when Namibia got its independence, “I am one of the people who were receiving the United Nation Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) after Resolution 435 was passed” he recalled.

In 1995 he joined Katima Security Services where he worked for a short period and quitted the job, “the reason why I didn’t spend much of my time in Katima Security I was so lazy, I used to be judged every time because of sleeping on duty” he said.

While he was working, he used to strengthen his friends back with traditional medicine that he inherited from his parents as they were also doing the same. Dr. Ndonga also treats women who fail to deliver and other diseases such as kidney problem, sugar, syphilis and other STDs.

A-20-year-old in traditional healing also treats swollen feet and stomach problem. He said about 10 to 15 people visit his stand seeking for help especially men who like to strengthen their manhood.

Asked the age limit of his medicine he explained that “Only young ones do not qualify because they are very strong, otherwise it takes everybody from youth to elderly people both men and women” Dr. Ndonga further said, while smiling.






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