Ms Tsiane the Permanent Secretary for Defense, Justice and Security says ‘’Namibians are ready to return home’

Festive seasons greetings to her excellence Ms Tsiane, the Government of Botswana and all peaceful citizens of this Republic.

Mr.Felix Kakula

First and foremost I would like to appreciate the willingness and desire the PS have towards our returning home; it is true that Caprivians in the Refugee Camp did not and do not want to be Refugees.

19 years that we have stayed in Botswana is totally against our will. The Government of Botswana is well informed through the concerned Ministry of Defense Justice and Security that it has never been our will to be in the Refugee Camp for almost 19 years that we have stayed. The Government of Botswana and Namibia have it in black and white.

The suffering of the Caprivian people in the Refugee Camp in Botswana, diaspora and elsewhere is directly to be blamed on the Namibian Government.

We, so far have lost +- 400 people buried in the Refugee Camp, none of the Caprivian would like that to happen; it must be embarrassing and humiliating for adults of our age to stay all these years very closely to our homes just by wanting to be refugees.

I don’t know how the PS would interpret the statement said by the Namibia Minister of Home Affairs Madam Livula Ithana when she was addressing us on 07 April 2014

“I did not come here to listen to you or tell me what made you to flee to Botswana, but I came to tell you that Namibia wants you back”.

It is quite unfortunate for those who don’t understand that language, she should have also known that she was speaking to adults not children.

Anyone, organization or government that takes lightly the basis of what happened in the Caprivi on 2nd August 1999 can only be described as a devil. Such are individuals and people who are void of truth.

We have long back suggested ways of peaceful approaches to our problem, we have on many occasion urged the Botswana Government to convince their counterpart Namibia to agree to resolve the Caprivi political stalemate through dialogue or referendum. Our host Country Botswana continually told us that they cannot tell Namibia a sovereign state what to do, they could be meddling in the affairs of other Country.

On that account, Namibia got a good reason to put Botswana under pressure to return us to Namibia. Unfortunately, somehow Botswana stands to ignore all the facts related to our fleeing from Caprivi Strip.

Though the PS was making a political statement, it is quite misleading when put the way she did. Many people would think that we were all approached and showed willingness to return to Namibia before the suggested peaceful ways are followed.

It must be born in mind that people who died in the hands of SWAPO are Caprivians, it is us in exile who were tortured, lost our parents, brothers and family members who cannot be returned to life again.

I wonder if the concerned PS can produce the reconciliatory statement from us or Namibia with regard to what happened, and if she can also tell us if the leader of our party has ever met with any official from Namibia to discuss peacefully the way forward.

If all these are ignored then it suffices to suggest that the PS does not in any way consider the lives of other people, so it becomes an I don’t care what happens to them. I am sorry to say that here on earth we are made to live for each other no matter the status, without that; then we defeat the purpose of existence as human beings.

In many meetings we have challenged the two Governments to agree to settle the matter not on Tripartite Commission but within the SADC Forums in a peaceful way and see if there will be any Caprivian who will remain in Botswana.

If honorable Shaw Khathi will ask similarly to a question which was asked to the Children of Israel by Pharaoh in the book of “Genesis 10:8  And Moses and Aaron were brought again unto Pharaoh: and he said unto them, Go, serve the LORD your God: BUT WHO ARE THEY THAT SHALL GO?

    9, And Moses said, We will go with our young and with our old, with our sons and with our daughters, with our flocks and with our herds will we go; for we must hold a feast unto the LORD”.

With the bones of our loved ones, with the disturbed minds due refugee life situations, no one shall remain but we will go together.    

We don’t want to be Refugees and truly speaking we want and we are ready to return to Caprivi once SWAPO Government considers the honorable approach on the matter.

Namibia owes Caprivians, Botswana and the world the truth on the Caprivi dispute.

Peace to Ms Tsiane, peace to Botswana, peace to all the Caprivians and peace to the world.

I wish all the best for the year 2018.

Felix Kakula

(Speaking on behalf of the Caprivian people in exile)






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