Namibia thank Iran for turning 38

By Staff Reporter

 Namibia’s Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Erastus Amutenya Utoni gave remarks on the occasion of the 38th Anniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran on Thursday.

(FROM Left )Honorable Erastus Utoni , Deputy Minister Of Home Affairs and Immigration (Acting on behalf of The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (Right) His Excellency , Vahid Karimi, Ambassador Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran, on the occasion of the 38th Islamic Revolution of IRAN on Thursday February 23, 2017

 In the statement sent by the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, Minister Utoni who represented the Ministry of International Relation and Cooperation told the gathering at the High Commission of Iran in Windhoek that the Namibian government and the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran celebrated the event to honor the support from Iran for the Namibian people’s quest for independence and self determination.

“Iran allowed SWAPO’s diplomatic representation in Tehran and offered military, educational and diplomatic support to SWAPO.” Said Hon. Utoni

He revealed that Namibia and Iran have had consensual relations ever since the years of the liberation struggle for freedom and the independence of Namibia.

By then, Iran was one of the first unswerving supporters of the Namibian mission for independence and autonomy. “The two countries continued this excellent relations and Iran was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Namibia after independence and opened an Embassy in Windhoek.” He stated.

He however, reminded the people gathered at the ceremony that 2017 is a year of re-dedication as declared by the President of Namibia, Dr Hage Geingob. “In order to mutually benefit the people, the government re-dedicates to continue strengthening consensual cooperation with other countries and international organisations”.

Deputy Minister Utoni added that , Namibia looks forward to expanding its relations with Iran in areas of agriculture, health, education, energy and fisheries.

Meanwhile, Iran Ambassador to Namibia Mr. Vahid Karimi gave an overview that Iran revolution for independence was realised at a time when the were two economic blocks; communism and capitalism, “The Islamic revolution aimed at spiritual, ethical and moral values.”

Ambassador Karimi mentioned that, for the last four decades they have been full of pressure from all sides for prevention of the elaboration of the true face of the revolution, and a lot of artificial obstacles were created to stop the pillars of the revolution to flourish.“Mass media, unfortunately either they copy intentionally present misperception. When you have misperception, it is natural you will have misunderstanding and leading to misjudgment.” He added

According to him the values of the revolution are in complement with other values and culture.“ We have to talk, think and together present a perfect agenda for not only our prosperity but the next generation.”

He said that the values have a perfect agenda for all issues of day-to-day life. All ages of people, society, economy, politics, neighbours, movies, arts, poetry, culture and food, which they tried to present the taste of Iranian food that evening.

He pointed out that as a career diplomat who has served in different countries, he would like to use his utmost experience to generate “special relationship” between Namibia and Iran.

He and his people are ready to bring in other countries for joint projects and cooperation. In which so far the President and the Foreign minister have agreed with his agenda, which covers more than fifteen areas of cooperation.

He concluded stating the Persian proverb which says, “you can’t clap with one hand”, which means I need your government’s good will too to proceed my duty”

Iran is one of the seven (7) Muslim countries, which have been recently banned traveling to the United States of America with the executive powers imposed by the newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump.

February 10 , during the celebration of Iran 38th anniversary in Azadi square in Tehran , Euro news quoted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani saying “In the United States, there are some who are newly in power. Who threatens our government and our armed forces has to know that our people is united, vigilant and will resist the enemy until the end,” said President Hassan Rouhani.










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