Mutwa should go back to school

Mr. Sibuku Malumbano RDP Secretary General for Youth League Caprivi Region
Dear Editor, I want to respond to an article which appeared in the popular informante newspaper of 1 to 7 December 2011.

As a young progressive Namibian I feel that I can share my views and opinions on the subject matter ‘MUYONGO IS NOTHING’ by Prince Mutwa Muraliswani.
I am neither a Muyongo supporter nor a former CANU member but I feel Namibians have both social and political obligations to sensible and scientific articles to say the list.
In my view Prince Mutwa Muraliswani is a person of integrity and such integrity is totally in conflict with what he has written about Mr. Mishake Muyongo.
I expected Prince Mutwa to maintain respect and dignity in his writing as an old man, from whom the young people could take example. But I am extremely disappointed to read Prince Mutwa’s letter, which is aimed at vilification, demeaning the character of Mr. Muyongo.

I think they are better ways of writing about someone (Mr. Muyongo in this case) without vilifying, insulting and all character assassinate the person. You can still make your point by using an educated language as opposite to personal attack language. To call a human being as nothing as the title of Prince Mutwa Muraliswani’s letter implies in my view is very demeaning no matter the degree of differences between the two.
Also to accuse Mr. Muyongo that he arranged the then South African Security officers to apprehend the late Brendan Simbwaye is a serious allegation that can only be made by a person with empirical evidence.
How did Prince Mutwa know that Mr. Mishake Muyongo arranged the apprehension of such arrangement, as does he Prince Mutwa want to tell this nation that he too was present at the discussion?
Equally disturbing is a comparison of Prince Mutwa Muraliswani’s letter to Mr. Muyongo as a snake. Comparing human beings to reptiles is not a descend way of starting one’s disapproval.
It is like Julius Malema comparing Namibian opposition political parties to cockroaches, such language is fested with violent elements.
And as a nation we are expected to build a peaceful and stable, moreover our elderly people from whom the youth is taking exemplary leadership ought to be conscious not to build a violent nation.
Character assassination of one another is not the best way of reconciling the nation.
Prince Mutwa being an elderly person was supposed to pre-occupy himself with peacefully conflict resolutions rather than the route he has demonstrated in his article. It is indeed very difficult to understand the argument of Prince Mutwa who is arguing that the “Namibian government has no time to kidnap gabbage into Namibia to come and dirtify the clean, amicable atmosphere of the land of the brave”
Who, in the government has asked Prince Mutwa to speak on behalf of the government and to state the ridiculous things that he stated? Is Prince Mutwa Muraliswani not dreaming of becoming a leader in Namibia one day? Who in his/her right mind can elect or vote for a person who has no respect for other Namibian citizens.

On the issue of Mr. Muyongo’s grandfather Kabende Kabende being a Lozi from Senanga in Zambia, what relevance does it have? Whose parents are not from anywhere as elsewhere? Barrack Obama’s father is a Kenyan but that did not prevent him from being the leader of the United States of America.

In conclusion I want to make a special appeal as a young man who hails from Caprivi Region, to my elders to begin respecting themselves, as they would respect others.
A violent and hate language will not unite the Namibian people, but self respect and reconciliation will promote a harmonious relationship that will result into nation building.

By Mr. Sibuku Malumbano
RDP Secretary General for Youth League
Caprivi Region





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