Mutorwa warns public to refrain from illegal activities

By Simon Liseli

Minister of Works and Transport, Hon.John Mutorwa has seriously warned and requested people to refrain from illegal activities.

Minister Mutorwa made these sentiments during the official inauguration ceremony of NaTIS Office for Roads Authority (RA) at Bukalo Village Council (BVC) situated some 38 kilometers east of Katima Mulilo in Zambezi region.

Minister of Works and Transport, Hon.John Mutorwa during the grand opening of new NaTIS Office at Bukalo Village Council on Thursday

Minister Mutorwa called on the public to obtain their documents at NaTIS Offices over the counter to avoid dealing with con men and con women whose aim is to rob people of their hard-earned money and risk people to be in conflict with the law.

He warned that anybody who will be caught dealing with illegal activities will face the full race of law.

“I am hereby appealing to the Namibian police commanders present here to deal with these conmen and conwomen and all those people supporting fraudulent and illegal activities, as per the provision of article 118 of the Namibian constitution” appealed Mutorwa.

The minister pointed out that the opening of Bukalo NaTIS office is another achievement to be proud of for the Ministry of Works and Transport, Roads Authority, Bukalo Village Council and the Zambezi region at large. Although its small in size it will have an enormous impact of people in the area and it will also contribute to the socio-economic development of Bukalo as it will attract people who needs NaTIS services.

“As you maybe aware before independence communities from various regions had to travel long distances to receive learners driving and motor vehicle testing services but now the roads authority has expanded testing functions by constructing fully-fledged modern motor vehicle and driver testing stations countrywide” he explained.

Mutorwa explained that as per Decentralisation Policy of the Namibian government, the aim is to take services closer to the people in all regions of the country.

He added that works and transport ministry through Roads Authority will continue to pursue GRN objectives of equity and inclusiveness in the Namibian house, for everyone to have access to essential public services.

“I am therefore very happy to announce that people of Bukalo and surrounding areas will no longer be required to travel to Katima Mulilo to receive NaTIS services, though the facility is not equipped to provide all examining functions for vehicle and drivers at a stage” noted the honourable minister.

The current services to be provided will include registration and licensing of vehicle, annual renewal of vehicle licensing, renewal of driving licenses with testing and issuing of learner’s licenses. He however said the aspiration and visions of the government is to eventually have fully fledged NaTIS facilities countrywide with implementing agency and roads authority will continue to construct new vehicle and driver testing centers as well as upgrading existing centers around the country.

But due to limited funds these planned ongoing programmes will be concluded over a number of years. The opening of NaTIS office at Bukalo was also to celebrate the milestone achievements because of the determination and commitment of the Zambezi regional leadership together with roads authority who spearheaded the project.

“I am informed that the Roads Authority has already signed a memorandum of agreement with the Bukalo Village Council to manage the NaTIS office on its behalf and all costs that are incurred by the Bukalo village council for managing the office, is and must be fully reimbursed by the Roads Authority with an additional mark-up as stipulated in the said signed Memorandum of Agreement” he remarked.

Works and Transport minister handed over approved vehicle license mark at the ceremony which are N-BK and encouraged all people of Bukalo Village who currently have vehicles registered at other registering authorities to move their vehicles to Bukalo and also called on youth to apply for their learners’ licenses in order to obtain driving licenses to become legal drivers on the road.

During the ceremony, Mutorwa used it as a public platform to urge the Namibian nation, residents and visitors to always adhere to all traffic rules and regulations when travelling on all roads around the country.

“Let us make it a habit to observe road traffic rules and use the road in a safe and consideration manner in order to avoid accidents and loss of innocent lives and I encourage all road users, especially drivers to stop speeding, overloading and drink while driving, we shall continue to spread this message until we see a drastic change in the number of accidents on our roads and change of all drivers’ attitudes” he furthered.







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