Muchali Speaks Out !

Mr. Mulife Muchali, Caprivian Refugee in Canada

The Editor,
Media reports of possible abduction and assassination of Caprivian secessionist leader Mishake Muyongo were baseless, so were calls by NDP leader Martin Lukato for a United Nations Security Council intervention on the Caprivi political conflict ridiculous – reflective of a shallow understanding of world politics.

From the onset let me categorically state that those claims of abduction and assassination are totally unfounded and smells of an amateurish smear campaign to deflect Namibians from talking about real issues, such as a lasting political solution on the fate of Namibian refugees and political prisoners.
Indeed, if the secessionist’s “hoax machine” has run out of ideas it’s time they said so than to play “Alice in the wonderland,” with people’s lives.
Who would want to abduct or assassinate Mishake Muyongo now after have lived a stone throw away from Namibia a decade ago, who harmed him? Why is he or his political bankrupt crew throwing cheap shots -knowing that it’s all lies?
In a nutshell that is all but wishful thinking, trying to jump on a play with a wrong political script.
Now, I would have wanted to meet Hon. Cletius Sipapela, the Councilor for Linyanti Constituency, in Canada if it was true, but the story was false.
Sipapela is an honorable man who does not pose a threat to anyone, be it the whimpering secessionist mob.
Why would anyone be scared getting into a matured political dialogue on the Caprivi political saga with any Namibian delegate if that was to happen, especially if one claims to represent the interest of the region?
Surely, if it is a strategy in running away from people, then the secessionist team has become political inept, as it had being for a long time.
Sipapela is a friend and family to many alleged secessionist that reside in Dukwi refugee camp and elsewhere in Europe and North America. He has the interest of the people at heart considering that he had been involved with the calling back of all exiles since the time of Caprivi Governor Leonard Mwilima.
Politicians must not run away from issues affecting their constituency – political, social, and economic , but address them with the vigor and courage needed to find a solution, exactly the actions of Hon. Sipapela of which he deserves credit.
Unfortunately, Namibian secessionist from the Caprivi region have had their head stuck in the sand for a long time that they fail to come to terms with the reality, the question of Caprivi independence is not entertained by many inhabitants of that region.
No wonder misguided elements like NDP president Martin Lukato have no clue of what they are talking about. Indeed, if such “fly-by night politicians” are committed in finding a political solution on the Caprivi or want to hear from the people, they must start engaging the residents of the area than to be making press statements that lacks the backing of the people – causing more harm than good.
With the old adage “once beaten twice shy,” it’s time people came to their senses. Let us not mix issues of underdevelopment and secession after all CANU was not blinded when it joined arms with SWAPO – so was Mishake Muyongo so willingly wanted to be Namibian President.
Likewise, Lukato wanted to run for Namibia presidency, and he is now talking about the United Nations Security Council on finding a solution for Caprivi, is this some form of political amnesia or pure ignorance of international and national politics?
The NDP president must not behave as if he is also in exile but must use every opportunity to consult and initiate matured discussions with other political figures in the country, or is Lukato such short-sighted?
Instead of playing hard-ball, the secessionist movement must consider throwing the white towel for the good and best interest of Namibia, and the region.
And my advice to Muyongo and Lukato is that United Democratic Party (UDP) and National Democratic Party (NDP) must join forces, as one party, to claim the political base that was lost. Meaning, denounce secession and play a political role that represent the aspiration and will of the people.
Overall, Namibians across political divides must join and support the ever noble efforts and initiatives demonstrated by Hon. Cletius Sipapela, and the Namibian government must unilaterally take that bold political decision of releasing all political prisoners and bringing all Namibian refugees back home.
Thank you,
Mulife Muchali





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