Male Circumcision in Caprivi is in progress

By Risco Lumamezi

ABOUT 901 men in Caprivi region opted to go for voluntary circumcision as a way of lowering HIV risk.

  According to World Health Organisation, the reason for this is that the foreskin acts as HIV’s main entry point to the body during penetrative sex between an uninfected man and an HIV-infected person.

 Though the Katima Mulilo State Hospital is still facing a challenge of lack of medical doctors and nurses to do the work properly.

  Chief Regional Medical Officer of the Caprivi region Dr. Peter Bwalya confirmed to the Caprivi Vision that since  August 2010 the Katima Mulilo State Hospital started with the surgical circumcision with 750 males at the younger age between 1-4years, 5 – 14 years boys and from 15 to 31 years and the male adult from 41 to 60 years of age.

  He said, the majority are among the age of 15 – 30.“ We have seen a lot of males circumcised as this protect the Hiv infections with protection of 60 %.”

  Male circumcision is one of the interventions that reduce the scourge of Hiv and Aids and other sexual transmitting diseases in the region.

  Caprivi is still toping as the most infected region in the country which currently at 37.7 percent.

  “ Those who are negative abstain from sex and be faithful to use a condom,” warned Dr. Bwalya.

  He encouraged all men in the region to go for voluntary circumcision as this is one of the practice that promote genital hygiene from sexual transmitted diseases and it also reduce the skin fold of the male because the area will remain dry with no bacteria.

  Adults are being trimmed and Children have to sleep since the wounds are very painful.

 Dr. Bwalya said that, all circumcised men have to stay for 6 months without having a sexual intercourse.

 “The beauty is that, we didn’t develop any complication since we started”. He explained that general anaesthesia is for adults and local anaesthesia for children.

 He further called upon all men who want to be circumcised to visit the hospital every Wednesdays and Thursdays.







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