Lukato calls govt for economic intervention

By Staff Reporter

 NDP President, Mr. Martin Lukato has called the Namibian government to intervene into the current economic situation to avoid the economic down turn.

According to him,since the Namibia’s independence millions of Namibian dollars went missing, stolen from Namibian Coffers without recovering it.

NDP President , Mr. Martin Lukato
NDP President , Mr. Martin Lukato

“The Perpetrators of the Crime of theft, fraud and Corruptions most were yet to be  apprehended and to be brought to book to face justice.” He said.

However, he expressed concerns that “most big fish of Corruption where millions of Namibian dollars were stolen were never apprehended and tried in the Competent  Court.”

“Anti-Corruption Commission is only targeting small fish while big fish are being left out to continue stealing the tax payer’s money.Lack of transparency by the Namibian Courts to find culprits guilty to  sentence and to order the culprits to pay back the stolen money within the period”.

Mr. Lukato pointed out that “Lack of Economic Advisors to comment on Namibia’s Economic and Currency,are unable to recommend to the various Ministries ,Companies ,Organisations for the action to be taken after experiencing the Corruption practice on stolen money from Namibian coffers.

Lack of Independent Auditors  in Namibia who should recommend to the law enforcement Units like Anti-Corruption Commission  and Namibian police to investigate and apprehend the culprits after discovery of the missing, stolen money from each Budget of the Government Ministries, Parastatals and Departments.As the failure of the Auditor General to recommend to the Prosecutor General to Apprehend and charge as well as to  prosecute the Culprits.”

“Both the Auditor General’s Office,so called Independent Economists they lack Independence in order to recommend to both the office of the Prosecutor General , Anti-Corruption Commission and the Namibian Police Force to apprehend the culprits ,charge and prosecute them in Court of law”.

The NDP President noted that lack of an Independent  Tender Board Experts of Namibia to carry out the duties and functions of the Tenders in ensuring  the offering of quality tenders, and  the job which can last longer.

“Offering the Tenders to the Foreign nationals those at the end they will only grab the money which is Tax payers money without completing the given job in successful manner.Foreigners those who unable to invest in Namibia,because they only grab money and resources of Namibia are being left empty.Offering Tenders to their both Family members, Relatives, Friends and the Senior Cabinet Members as mostly Tender Board members are being appointed by their Superiors in the Cabinet or Ruling party Government.” he furthers.







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