Liselo community ask for electricity from govt

By Simon Liseli

MEMBERS of Liselo Community are calling government to electrify the area, after 29-years of Namibian independence without electricity.

Liselo area is situated some few kilometers from the main power station called Caprivi Link Interconnector found at Chantuu in the same area where the envisaged long debated tobacco plantation project is located in the west of Katima Mulilo.

Mr.Obrien Sinkolela , Secretary for Liselo Khuta
Mafwe Royal Establishment through Liselo Sub-Khuta donated huge tracts of fertile land to the government for the green scheme project.
During the visit of the Namibian President Dr.Hage Geingob to Katima Mulilo on Saturday August 10, 2019 Mr.Obrien Sinkolela, Secretary of Liselo Khuta made a clarion call to Dr.Geingob that his community is surprised of not having electricity after 11-years of the construction of the state of the art which is the main power supplier in the region and other parts of the country erected in Liselo area.
He told president Geingob that Liselo is hosting eight (8) government institutions whereby they are not benefiting anything. These institutions are Greenwell Matongo Barracks, Katima Quarantine, Simon Mutumba Police Training, Nova Police Base, Agricultural Research Station, Liselo Check Point and Caprivi link Interconnector which is the main supplier of electricity which sourcing power from Victoria Falls in Zambia and it connects the power in the whole region, Kavango and Otjozondjupa regions.
“For 11-years now we do not have electricity in our area, we just see it around us whereas the main source of power is built in our area but we don’t have electricity” he quashed.
Mr.Sinkolela added that 2000 hectares of green scheme that Liselo availed to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry for agricultural purposes, the company that won the tender for de-bushing agreed with the community on two options either to construct a clinic or to bring electricity in the area to each house hold, and the community chose electricity as there was no need of bringing a clinic without electricity.
“Nored were invited and promises were made that they will pay Nored to come and install power but up-to date nothing has happened and the same company sold all timbers without benefiting anything to the community where the timbers belonged” he noted.
Liselo community is asking Namibia Oriental Tobacco Company not to repeat the mistake that happened to green scheme project if they will succeed with the 10 000 hectares of tobacco.
The community also agreed that if they won’t see anything from the company to improve the area they will be rejecting government proposals in their area because of not benefiting.
However, Minister of Mines and Energy Hon.Tom Alweendo who was tasked by president Dr.Geingob to respond during the gathering said government has master plans to electrify rural areas whereby 2030 all government buildings and rural areas will be electrified though they are behind because of not having all resources available to government but they do where they can.
“As government we have budget to build all regions by working together with regional councils and we have to agree on what are the priorities for the region” said Alweendo.
He urged all regional councilors to work together with regional councils in order to have same programs.
Caprivi Link Interconnector power station at Liselo

Alweendo added that regional councils should identify areas where electricity is needed especially for those who have been waiting for quite long.

Liselo community outcry, was botched by Namibian government’s policy priorities, as pointed by energy minister that before electrifying rural areas, all government institutions should be electrified and community within the radius of 500 meters have to benefit but they cannot start with villages before they finish with government institutions as per government policy.
He concluded by announcing that Impalila Island will be electrified very soon before the coming of the rainy season starts though they were some delays.








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