Likando calls for electricity supply industry conference

By Risco Lumamezi

Hon. John Likando, Kabbe South Constituency Councillor and Member of Parliament (MP)

KABBE South Constituency Councillor and Member of Parliament (MP) in the house of review (National Council), Hon. John Likando is calling for the conference of electricity supply industries that will address and resolve issues of concerns affecting the general public.

Honourable Likando , attended the Stakeholder Consultation Presentation meeting of the 2024/2025 Nored Tariff Application which was presented by Electricity Control Board(ECB) and Northern Regional Electricity Distributor(NORED) held in Katima Mulilo on Tuesday.

He made his oral submission as a shareholder and customer of NORED , saying that in order to understand issues pertaining  electricity in the country , they were  a need to have a conference  that will engage all electricity supply entities with all stakeholders.

“ Electricity is priority number one or two because  every society need light to see and cook” explained Likando

He proposed  for the Conference  that will bring NamPower , NORED and Ministry of Mines and Energy together in order  to understand challenges and needs of the stakeholders they serve.

He however expressed concerns on the proposed application of tariff increase by NORED that it was not right , as the public entity still need a reform.

“I am a bit  worried that NORED being the fore-runner of the rates , is  haven’t been re-structured maybe in terms of the ECB mandate , we as both shareholders and customers we feel that the structure of NORED might also be one of the liabilities in the situation it finds itself”

Likando mooted out that all players in the electricity industry, such as the Ministry of Mines and Energy, NamPower and NORED should engage the stakeholders to resolve challenges facing the people and the role they play in distributing electricity to the end users rather than dividends they get .

“Because if you  look  at the share of NamPower who is also the distributor is quite high , and the role of NamPower in the operation apart from being  a board member is very little  because  they are taking  twice , they get 33 percent plus the purchase also goes to NamPower”

He further said that he is  one of those former local authority councillors  who have been pushing for the conference.

From the previous financial year , NORED has reached agreement with NamPower in repaying its outstanding debt of N$1.5 billion , the current Acting CEO for NORED , Mr. Toivo Shovaleka assured the residents of Katima Mulilo that  the debt payment is being paid , he also divulged that NORED has reached memorandum of understanding with the European Bank to assist the entity with funding.

At the discussion , some of the residents of Zambezi region expressed their opinions on the pertinent issues of lack of Corporate Social Responsibility of NORED in the region in funding bursaries to students from Zambezi region.

NORED was also asked on why it is still failing to have its own regional office in Katima Mulilo as part of its infrastructure investment.

Caprivi Vision has learned that they should be a way on how electricity industry should operate in the country, as in most cases the service delivery of electricity is a challenge between the local authorities and Regional Distributors when it comes to the urban electrification, as most of the suburbs which are populated are without electricity, including the rural electrification which is also administered by the Ministry of Mines and Energy still need to be addressed in order to meet the developmental plans and agendas of the government by 2030.








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