Let’s Salute Our Heroes


A lot has been said and written portraying our colourful history about the liberation struggle of our continent Africa and in particular Namibia.
Many of our African liberators such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko in South Africa and in Namibia living legends and heroes such as Toivo ya Toivo , the late Brendan Simbwaye , Late Judea Lyabboloma and many others we did not mention have been imprisoned at Robben Island the most famous historical prison in Southern Africa.
We at the Caprivi Vision would like to reveal to the public that now our own hearing impaired Mr. Henson Tabo in the Caprivi region have all been in the brutal hands of the Boers at Robben Island. We are made to understand that not only many Caprivians were subjected to torture at this infamous prison but also we have many unsung heroes in Namibia who passed through this island.
While we respect our liberators for fighting for our freedom but still, concerned Namibians have many questions than answers from the government. Why is some of our government employees not respecting our heroes who fearlessly fought for our independence? It seems they are selective when it comes to respecting and recognising heroes who brought the Namibian independence.
A classical example is the Caprivian old hero Mr.Tabo whom this paper has also covered in this edition as a top story with due respect he deserve after several community members brought his case to us.
We have also learnt that his detention is made due to the Caprivi secessionist saga, why is the police still interrogating and torturing him at the expense of this Caprivi marathon. The Caprivi High Treason Trial case has taken a decade, some have died whilst in prison.
But the question is still remain…Why are they still torturing and tormenting the old man who even fought for the freedom of this nation, detained at Robben Island and now a senior citizen at the age of 70 who lives in fear and is still being tormented day and night.
We agree, with the honourable Minister of Safety and Security for respecting our Robben Island heroes like Mr. Tabo who sacrificed his life to be tortured by the Boers at Robben Island and now by our brothers in a free independent government.
Let us not tarnish the image of our living heroes and heroines





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