Katima Mayor Defends his Council

SWAPO Mayor of Katima Mulilo, Mr. John Musialela Likando has denied media reports with regard to the employment benefits such as remuneration packages between the outgoing Chief Executive Officer Dr.Vincent Sazita and the Human Resources Manager Mrs Rosalia Manga Simataa on the news that Human Resources Manager was earning more than the CEO.

At a press conference held recently, Mr. Likando lambasted at the report which was carried by the National broadcaster (Namibian Broadcasting Corporation) as baseless and distorted facts lacking the truth.

SWAPO Katima Mulilo Mayor, Mr.John Musialela Likando

He said these actions ere in line by negatively exposing government institutions those that are led by SWAPO party.

“The report has never been the case as it was reported in the media by NBC Local Silozi Radio Service.”He pointed out that realistic and verifiable existing information is that the Town Council appoints the CEO in consultation with the Minister responsible for Local Authority, this includes remuneration benefits of the staff in terms of the Local Authority ACT 23 of 1992, section 27(1) (a) (bb) and the appointed official is normally served with an employment offer reflecting all fridge benefits for him/her to look at before accepting or rejecting the offer and the CEO of the local Authority is the accounting officer of the Local Authority ,therefore he or she is in good hands to detect any irregularities on day-to-day activities of the council including the review and approval of council remunerations and staff benefits” said Likando who is serving as a Chairperson of the Katima Mulilo Town Council in a SWAPO party ticket.

In his prepared statement, Mayor Likando told reporters that, Local Authority ACT 23 of 1992, section 81 states clearly that, the concern with regard to the salary differences between the outgoing CEO and the HR Manager has never been formally tabled before by the council chamber as an item of discussion or as a staff concern.

He refuted that, in the resignation letter of the outgoing CEO, the salary issue is not mentioned as part of the reason why he resigned and notches for the council staff in question for March 2009 Monthly salary indicates that ,Chief Executive Officer Basic salary is N$16 177.67, Transport Allowance of N$6000.00 per month, N$3993 for housing allowance ,Total monthly salary of N$26170.67 and a total earning per annum is N$314040.00 including an allowance of N$5400.00 for cell phone per annum.
While, Human Resource Manager ( H.R ) Basic salary is N$1560.50, Transport Allowance N$5500 every month , Housing Allowance of N$3755 per month, N$24860.50 as monthly salary and a Total earning of N$298326.00 per year.
He said that his statement can still be verified with the Katima Mulilo Town Council salary scale for the financial year 2008/2009 with the signature of Dr.Sazita as an accounting officer of the council.
Mr. Likando concluded by urging potential candidates who applied for the vacant position at KMTC to remain positive and participate in the selection and recruitment process without any fear to the position of CEO . He also adviced all staff members in the system and those going out to avoid using the media in unethical manner for personal gain without authority. He further said, community would be informed on issues of their concern through existing platforms.

Contacted for comments to hear how true were the allegations, Dr.Vincent Sazita, Katima Mulilo Town Council Chief declined to comment when caught up by this paper.

Caprivi Vision established within Katima Council that Dr Sazita’s appointment in 2007 was backed by the SWAPO party councilors who wanted him as after his interviews he scored few marks compared to another candidate who was denied a position because of low salary scale that he could not accept the job offer.
Closed sources within the Ministry of Regional, Local Government, Housing and Rural Development said that Sazita’s resignation seems to be promising as the Ministry has delegated its Deputy Director for Human Resources Mr. Evans Maswahu as Acting CEO at Katima Council but was later called off when he held a closed door meeting with the two concerned parties.

Since its proclamation as a town in 1995, Katima Mulilo Town Council has been administered by Late George Lisho as its first Town Clerk under DTA authority, followed by late Kamwi Nyambe, Ms.Agnes Limbo who have been infighting with her former SWAPO Mayor Mr. Michael Mudabeti, Mr. Geoffrey Mugwala as Acting CEO and at the latest Dr. Vincent Sazita occupied the position as its Chief Executive Officer since 2007.

Katima Mulilo Town Council is governed by the ruling SWAPO Party as the majority with five (5 )seats and one seats each to Congress of Democrats (COD) and Republican Party since Local Authority Elections held for the third time in 2004.





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