Katima Council top managers still in limbo

KMTC suspended Managers , Dr.Vincent Sazita and Mr.Charles Nawa.  photo By Simon Liseli

By Risco Lumamezi

TWO suspended managers at Katima Mulilo Town Council have been found guilty by the committee of the disciplinary hearing that set last month in Katima Mulilo but still waiting for the final verdict.
A team of legal experts from the central government in Windhoek were in Katima Mulilo and expected to give the final answer on the working condition of the two managers.
Mr. Mukaya Matengu , Chairperson of the Management Committee of the Katima Mulilo Town Council told this paper that the three days disciplinary hearing for the suspended top managers of Katima Mulilo Town Council (KMTC) that set on August 9 -11, 2011 in Katima Mulilo found the accused managers guilty and were charged on undermining authorities, failure to carry out the mandate of the Local Authority Act of 1992 section 30 , poor revenue collection, unprocedural salary increment and unprocedural creation of vacancy posts.

The hearing was conducted by a legal expert from the City of Windhoek, an advocate from the office of the Deputy Director and one senior officer with experience in displinary hearing from the Ministry of Regional and Local Government and Housing.
KMTC was represented by a legal expert from the Office of the Attorney General, the suspended Chief Executive Officer for Katima Mulilo Town Council, Dr.Vincent Ntema Sazita had his own lawyer from Legal Assistance Center and Mr. Charles Nawa Nawa, and suspended Finance Manager was represented by his lawyer Ms. Inonge Mainga.

The other recommendations that were found after the hearings from the audit report are the uncontrolled use of subsistence travel allowance (S&T).
When he was asked on the further outcome of the disciplinary hearing “Now we are just waiting for the verdict from the committee that set on this issue, I cannot comment until when the verdict comes out,” said Mr. Matengu.

Meanwhile Dr. Sazita the suspended CEO said the outcome of the hearing that was set on the 9th to 11th of August 2011 were supposed to be released on the 5th of September 2011 but it never came out without knowing the reason why they are still waiting for it.
When asked to shed some light to the public on how he is thinking on this issue he declined to comment anything saying he is still waiting for the verdict of the hearing is when he can say something.“I can’t comment on this issue since we are still waiting for the outcome, I will say something when it is out,” stressed Dr. Sazita.
Dr. Sazita was represented by a lawyer who is based in Ondangwa from Legal Assistance Centre but he refused to reveal the name as he is still waiting for the verdict to come out.

Mr. Charles Nawa Nawa the suspended KMTC Finance Manager refused to comment when he was approached by this paper on the same issue saying the person who was supposed to give information on the issue is Miss. Decock from the City of Windhoek who chaired the hearings.
“For now I have nothing to comment the best person who should give you information is Miss Decock who chaired the hearings but as soon as the verdict is out we will let you know,” he lamented.

Mr. Nawa was represented by Ms. Mainga Inonge also based in Ondangwa. The Katima Mulilo Mayor Mr. John Likando refused to comment saying he is not in that issue because when it started he was not there so he cannot involve himself in the issue while it is ending.
“My brother I can’t comment to these issues because when it started I was not there so I don’t know about it, it’s not that I cannot comment but it’s only that I don’t know about it, ask the Acting CEO maybe she can comment something,” he refuted.

This paper reached the Acting CEO Miss. Namasiku Mundia for comments on this issue of the two suspended KMTC managers but she refused to comment saying no member of the KMTC is allowed to say anything on the issue. “We are not allowed to say anything on that issue, even the PRO is not allowed so there is nothing I can comment on that issue,” she said.
Caprivi Vision contacted Mr. Karal Ndoroma from the Ministry of Regional, Local Government and Housing who was the Vice Chairperson during the hearings for feedback on this issue and he responded by saying the hearing were done last month and very soon the outcome will be out as they are working on it. “Very soon the verdict will be out we are busy working on it but i was not supposed to talk to media about this issue, ask the Chairperson (Decoke) maybe she can tell you,” he furthered.

However, Ms. Decock the legal expect at the City of Windhoek declined to comment when she was reached for feedback on the pending issue “ I cannot comment, to the newspapers this is confidential” she quickly hanged her cell phone.
In April this year, Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development intervened in the Katima Mulilo Town Council affairs and directed the Management Committee of the Katima Council to suspend its Chief Executive Officer and Finance Manager for three months after recommendations in refusing to implement the huge salary increment (28%) which was allegedly done without the council resolutions.

The two were suspended on the 20th of April 2011 following the audit report from the Ministry of Regional, Local Government and Housing. They were on a three months suspension and were expected to return to work in July then later were suspended again for another three months which is due to end on October 20, 2011.

So far , the other two senior personnel who were suspended last year September, Mr.Mukela Mukela and Mr. Aurtha Simataa of the town planning division including the other three who are on study leave, totalling the figure to Seven (7) are still on the pay roll with full benefits.





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