IPC condemns demolition, demands apology from Katima Council

Mr. Elvis Milunga Lizazi, IPC Regional Chairperson for Zambezi region

By Staff Reporter

The Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) has condemned the recent demolition of the informal settlements of Lwanyanda and Cowboy by the Katima Mulilo Town Council, and demands for unconditional public apology to the affected residents.

Mr. Elvis Milunga Lizazi, IPC Regional Chairperson in Zambezi region told reporters during a press conference held on Monday, and has called the actions by the Katima Mulilo Town Council and the Namibian police as barbaric in vandalizing properties and houses of the Namibian citizens on September 8, 2022.

He added that “to complete restoration and compensation to the victims of these uncalled-for acts, as the most appropriate course of action in restoring the dignity of the affected citizens as enshrined in Chapter 3 in the Namibian Constitution and Article 95, Promotion of the Welfare of the People.”

Mr. Lizazi demanded the Katima Council to withdraw all charges levelled against the arrested residents of Lwanyanda dropped with immediate effect and their bail withdrawn.

“We have it on good authority that the SWAPO Councilors of the town’s local authority directed the police to embark on this shameful and dehumanizing mission against the very residents who elected them, with the hope that the elected would alleviate their daily struggles, among these being the provision of decent and humane housing.”

The IPC Chairperson for Zambezi stressed that all SWAPO Katima Councillors at the Katima Mulilo Local Authority disregarded the motion of IPC Councillor Charles Musiyalike who opposed the motion of removing the illegal occupants in the vicinity of Lwanyanda and Cowboy last year.

“The inhumane and unpatriotic acts were perpetrated by the SWAPO Councillors in complete disregard of sound and wise counsel against such acts by the IPC Councilor, Hon Charles Musiyalike and other Councilors in the local authority of Katima Mulilo. Hon. CK Musiyalike submitted a motion opposing such inhuman acts envisaged on the said locations on 25 February 2021. None of the SWAPO Councilors supported nor opposed the motion to date. We have the copy of the motion hereto.”

He however criticized the ruling SWAPO government for failing to fulfill its promises to the electorates and for failing to prioritise development in Zambezi region and for failing to protect the people of Zambezi against the intruders, the Botswana Defence Force soldiers who have taken villages around the new boundary (2018 Namibia -Botswana boundary Treaty) as their territory.

“The shocking knee-jack actions and mindless inclination to demolishing people’s livelihoods by the SWAPO-government has become too common and is a shameful demonstration of a system of administration falling apart. This is even more so despicable in a region like Zambezi where government has miserably failed to prioritize the Region’s development, and has often chickened under the bed when Namibians living along hot points of the boundary with Botswana are frequently targeted, harassed and extra judicially executed by a foreign army. Instead, all this administration has been good at is to turn the guns against its own people and raze their homes.”

Angry Mr. Lizazi further explained that “It must be noted here and now, as a going concern and stern reminder, that IPC is noting with a watchful eye the daily actions and results of the failed SWAPO administration, wherein because of lack of visionary and wise leadership, Namibians continue to be subjected to living in squalor conditions, in which they are further harassed and brutalized by the same people sworn to protect them. Namibians from all over the country should take serious note and always remember that SWAPO is now a grouping of entitled and boastful politicians who have dismally hit the wall and run out of ideas to do anything more that is in the best interest of the average citizen. As an incoming and imminent government, which all branches of government in the country must start preparing for, including Katima Mulilo Town Council, IPC will work tirelessly to provide decisive leadership and correct the SWAPO-created failed state in which Namibians are deprived of their basic right to shelter and decent living conditions.

Furthermore, all those that are given much responsibility to govern and serve in the public institutions of the day will, absolutely, be held accountable for all their actions, or lack thereof, taken in the name of government today.”

Since December 2020, the Katima Mulilo Town Council is composed of seven (7) seats , whereas the ruling SWAPO Party is having 4 seats, against the opposition parties each having one seat such as IPC (1), NDP (1)  and PDM (1) .







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