Horticulture producers optimistic to feed residents

By Simon Liseli

LOCAL horticulture producers are optimistic to feed the residents of Katima Mulilo and the entire region once when they are organised and united.

This came after the ban on the importations of the fresh products from the neighbouring Zambia and South Africa by the umbrella body called Zambezi Horticulture Producers Association (ZAHOPA) and National Association of Horticulture Producers (NAHOP) to allow the local producers to supply fresh vegetables for food security in the region.

In the just ended conference for horticulture production in Zambezi which was held in Katima Mulilo recently by Zambezi Horticulture Producers Association and National Association of Horticulture Producers groomed some producers who attended it, who then walked away with big smiles after discussions on different topics that will improve their practice of gardening cultivation and management.

Some of the local horticulture producers gathering in Katima Mulilo to scrutinize on food security (Photo taken by Simon Liseli)

More than 40 members from different areas of Zambezi region attended the meeting and were urged to double their efforts and utilise some resources they have in order to produce more while working together.

Speaking during the meeting, Market Access Facilitator of NAHOP Mr. Castrow Wamuwi Muunda seriously encouraged producers to produce more to make it easier for him when looking for market or engaging stakeholders.

He added that organised farming is very important and producers have to understand it in order to commercialise their products.

“We cannot do that as an individual we need to come together as collective team in order to achieve our goals” He encouraged producers.

He informed horticulture farmers about the projection which he did and showed to retailers around Katima Mulilo town for supply.

“We need to contribute to the farmers market because the farmers is the central production point where we can deliver to supermarkets and that is what is happening to other big farms they do not produce everything but they buy to small scale farmer in order to supply this is why we are encouraging working together” Mr. Muunda lamented.








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