Good-bye 2013, Welcome 2014


  THE year 2013 is practically ending and as we look back counting days and months that went by to enter the New Year 2014.

 We at The Caprivi Vision would like to reflect on some tangible events and issues that made headlines in this paper.

 Now that, as we are kicking the year 2013 at a short distance with great memory of the past and unlock the New Year, it is important for us to look back and recap on some of the previous editions we have published so that you could be otherwise informed and thus make decisions accordingly.

 February 11, 2013 was graced with breaking news of 43 alleged Caprivi secessionist prisoners who were acquitted and cleared of all 278 charges of treason by the State. Tears of joy was the order of the day at Windhoek Central prison when Judge Elton Hoff acquitted 43 out of the 108 Jail birds from custody after their long trial of 13 years behind bars. They were freed to go out of the prison following their successful prosecution case that indicated that they were not linked to the allegations they faced under the Caprivi high treason trail before Judge Hoff who also denied other 65 accused to be discharged.

 Our eyes are still open, we have seen and noted some of the serious crimes that had taken lives of Katima Residents in a barbaric incident that took place at Cheetah Night Club where an NDF soldier (Max Lukas) went on a shooting spree after an argument over jackpot money which led to four people losing their lives and two others being critically injured and who then later killed himself over the weekend of June 29.

 August 8, was a resounding day when the Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba announced the new demarcations of constituencies in the country, Which at last Caprivi Region was laid to rest and was renamed to Zambezi region which in addition saw new changes such as the new region called Kavango East from the formerly western Caprivi and the creation of new constituencies such as Kabbe South in the east and Judea Lyaboloma in the south of the region. While  schuckmannsburg was changed to Luhonono.

 Still in the same month of August 29, a group called Caprivi Concerned Group took to the streets of Katima Mulilo disputing the name change.

 In our edition of 24 August, we reported that the Caprivi African National Union (CANU) disputed thirteen (13) key ministries of the current SWAPO Party Government to be occupied by its designated members.

 This came after CANU party failed to meet the current Namibian President and SWAPO Party President, Hifikepunye Pohamba on the synopsis of historical political background between two major political parties which existed for more than 47 years ago, with a merger in the early nineteen sixties.

 CANU President Mr. Alex Mabuku (Poison) Kamwi argues that his party is not satisfied to the conditions of the merger between SWAPO and CANU that took place in September 1964 as stated in their press release statement dated November 5, 1964 signed by the then founding leaders of these political parties, Dr. Sam Nujoma of SWAPO and the then CANU Vice President, Mr. Mishake Muyongo to merge the two parties under a new name.

 Still in the same edition August 24, Governor Lawrence Sampofu of the re-named Zambezi Region which was Caprivi before called his residents to brush out their minds of being called Caprivians, Honourable Sampofu in an exclusive interview with Caprivi Vision, stressed that  “They should adjust to the situation, there’s nothing we got from Caprivi he is not even our forefather, who is Caprivi?”When asked why it was decided to change the name Caprivi, he said they received a directive to change the name and that people were consulted on a suitable suggestion of their choice, as Caprivi was a colonial name given to the area by a German imperialist Count George Leo Caprivi de Montecuccoli Caprera.

 On 20 September, we published concerns of the two parents of a six -year -old boy with an imperforated anus who are in need of critical assistance as the medical condition of their Son (Gift Mikatazo) seems to be getting worse as he is growing. He was born on 14 September 2007 with his rear opening (anus) clamped, which prevents him from removing waste material (faeces) from his body.

 Caprivi Vision understands that Mikatazo’s attempts at getting medical assistance from the Katima Mulilo State Hospital have so far proved futile due to many excuses of the Medical Doctor responsible, who is always busy as the boy`s health passport states “Imperforated Anus, child has a colostomy done in 2007, patient needs a pull through discussed with Medical Doctor for paediatric surgery “, The boy’s passport further shows “currently no open dates for the child as specialist is busy with complicated cases”.

 In the same edition, A Concerned Family member of the late Mr. Brendan Kangongolo Simbwaye, a missing Hero and Leader of the Caprivi African National Union (CANU) appealed Government to establish the truth of his late uncle‘s death and the whereabouts of his grave. According to Mr. Palanyana Simbwaye, he has extracted some documents (affidavits) describing his mysterious death.He said, after he was killed, they took his dead body and was rolled in a chicken wire and then he was poured with gallon of oil and later buried into an unknown grave at WENELA boarder between Namibia and Zambia.

 October 31,we reported the most controversial story after interviewing SWAPO Party Secretary General, Mr. Nangolo Mbumba who rejected calls of the Caprivi African National Union (CANU) talks on the 1964 merger agreement.When caught-up for a response on whether SWAPO is ready to accept the demands of CANU to occupy some key line ministries in its Cabinet, in reference to the merger agreement of the two major political parties in 1964,which according to CANU President Mr. Alex (Poison) Kamwi described it as a non-implementation of the terms of a merger agreement between CANU and SWAPO in 1964 plus the status of the Caprivi Strip within the sovereignty of Namibia.Mr. Mbumba confirmed to this paper that the merger existed and later denied that he was not part of the team at the time and he cleared that all members of the parliament are elected under the banner of their political parties.

 Honorable Mbumba also denied that the merger agreement is the old story of the past, which was done over the decades ago.He further warned CANU leaders to stop instigations of the SWAPO- CANU merger as his ruling party would not allow that and they should abide by the Namibian Constitution as one nation.And for this we wish to thank all our advertisers and readers who made things possible.With our mandate to keep the nation informed, educated, entertained, being an advertising medium and with editorial comments, we tried to investigate and publish issues that were at heart.

 These stories we wrote and published featured the challenges our community faces but there were no easy solutions to them. These are yet to come and we hope that our perseverance in reporting these issues will generate the necessary debate to bring forth ideas to help solve them.

 Welcome 2014!








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