More floods expected in Zambezi

By Simon Liseli

THE rapid rising of water in the Zambezi River is an indicator of heavy flood to flood prone areas of the eastern Caprivi which is the most affected side of the region every year.

Water levels in the Zambezi River is rising higher

Zambezi Regional Governor Alfea Lawrence Sampofu said though the region is hit by drought possibilities of flood is high as the Zambezi river is rising rapidly when compared to last year in January and appeals to people in the flood prone areas to start moving their animals to the higher grounds to avoid loses.

“I remember last year when we went to flood prone areas of the eastern Zambezi we found that people are not willing to move but at least they should start moving their animals to higher grounds as we know that when flood comes the movement of people is reduced and vehicles cant reach flooded areas and the teaching process gets affected, last year we even closed some schools one week before the holiday” explained Sampofu.

He mentioned that the most affected countries are DRC, Zambia and Namibia because they are in the root to Indian Ocean and that people should be on the alert of flood as he hopes that there will be some floods this year.

He said floods comes with lot of dangers such as snakes, hippos and crocodiles that can put lives of people in danger and the most victims of flood are those people living in flood prone areas.

“Flood can only be survived by moving to higher grounds and when moving with foot people should avoid crossing into deeper tributaries and they should try to use canoes otherwise there’s too much dangers and should not overload their canoes” he noted.

“There are those people who don’t want to move to higher grounds I remember in 2013 when we approached other people in flood prone areas they were asking us that where have you seen a hippo living in the bush that means they regard themselves as water people, they cannot move out of water” said the governor.

The most affected areas with floods are Isize, Lisikili, Musanga, Ivilivinzi, Luhonono, Namiyundu, Nankuntwe, Kabbe, Muzi Mpukano, Kasika, Mbalasinte, Itomba, Nakabolelwa,Masikili and Nsundwa all are found in the eastern Caprivi and people are always relocated in the areas of Musanga, Kabbe  Kapolota and Lusese during flood period.

“People in flood prone areas should take caution that flood is coming they should not measure how it rains, water is coming from the upper Zambezi, people should start taking their valuable goods to higher grounds and I really request Indunas, VDC and principals to be in contact with the authority when ever they see dangers for emergencies” he concluded.

Of recent, since from last week the region has been blessed with heavy rainfalls with storms destroying houses of the villagers and lightings which killed people.

Caprivi Vision has also established that some water catchment areas in the North Eastern Angola, Southern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and North Western Zambia that flow waters into the Zambezi River to cause flood in the Zambezi region once they are full, have little water due to less rainfall this year. This however, will likely cause the Zambezi River to swell due to hot weather.







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