Flood kicks in 5 kilos from Katima Town

By Chaze Chika

WORKERS at Katima Mulilo farm, 5 kilometres from the town of Katima Mulilo live in fear as they are surrounded by flood water from the mighty Zambezi river.

The Caprivi Vision newspaper spoke to Mr John Mungabwa and Mr Beukes Alexander workers and residents at the farm.

Flood waters at Katima Farm

Flood waters in Zambezi river is rising drastically and this has also caused affected residents at the banks of the river to use boats and canoes as means of transport when going in town “Water is moving every day. The water is measured through a brick when it floats and any day from now we will relocate” stressed Mr. Mungabwa.

He added that “we use a canoe whenever we want to go to town its almost 500 metres from here to town and paddling takes 15 to 20 minutes, we are bothered by Hippos before 7PM we have to lock ourselves in, in fear of being attacked or killed’’ said Mr. Mungabwa.

Another resident Mr. Alexander  a builder who came to Katima Mulilo for greener pastures also had this to say about the situation “The flood started on the first week of April  water started rising it was not like this last year there was not that much water, the water rises 2 metres in three days and the most scary part about this is the crocodiles there is quite  a number of them’’.

Zambezi river is in the Southern part of Africa and it is the fourth largest river in Africa and one of the dammed rivers in Africa.









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