DTA Condemns BDF for killing Namibians

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THE DTA of Namibia is condemning the recent arrests and detentions of ordinary Namibians at Kapani Village by the Botswana Defence Force as barbaric.

Mr. Lascan Sikosi,National Secretary for information and Publicity: DTA of Namibia
Mr. Lascan Sikosi, National Secretary for information and Publicity: DTA of Namibia

In its press statement, it has accused the BDF for abducting   and  arresting  the unemployed poor Namibian fishers  who mostly  eke out a living from these species.

“ What reason does the abducting and detaining our people in Botswana prisons illegally?DTA of Namibia totally condemns actions of BDF as barbaric and unlawful. We are talking here of poor Namibians who are  unemployed and depend on fishing to support and feed themselves as well their families, we are now very much concerned with the security of our fellow Namibians who are residing at the border between Botswana  and  Namibia as they live in fear and uncertainty.” Said  the statement.

The Namibia’s opposition party is also demanding  the BDF to respect the geographical boundaries of the two countries .

“Shame on you BDF and shame to the NDF for failing to protect our citizens who are suffering in the hands of BDF every day in such areas like Muyako, Nakabolelwa and Kapani”

The  DTA of Namibia   further assured the electorates in the affected region that “When DTA is voted into power, we will make sure that every Namibian young or elder are well protected and defend the territory and its people at all times of crisis like this. So we are requesting our government of the day to take the highest in finding a positive resolution in order to the current saga in Zambezi Region.”





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