DBN Donates N$500,000 For Maunga School 

By Staff Reporter

Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Mr.Jerome Mutumba(Right), hands over two (2) class rooms to Chinchimane Circuit Education Inspector Mr.Rosco Lukubwe (Left) as part of Investment in education.

Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) has recently donated  a tune of five hundred thousand Namibia dollars (N$500,000) for the construction of the two new classrooms for Maunga Primary School in the southern part of the Zambezi region.

The classrooms will cater learners from Grade 0 to Grade 4.

Speaking at the handover and inauguration of the two classrooms, DBN Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Mr. Jerome Mutumba said that rural development is central to the government and government institutions must play a part to develop the rural part of the country.

He pointed out that DBN encourages applications for enterprise in rural areas, although the Bank does not engage in finance for direct agriculture, it may only finance agri-enterprise as well as infrastructure for controlled environment agriculture.

Mr.Mutumba mentioned that the Bank’s interest is to finance for education as one of the most significant resource for the future of the country.

He added that suitable facilities are a contributor to the resource as they provide an environment in which young minds can focus on learning without distraction and discomfort.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Area Induna Pex Isaiah asked for additional assistance to build more classrooms, and electrify new classes as well as teachers’ dwellings.

Maunga School Principal Ms.Susan Museke noted that the new classrooms will improve learner’s attendance but also indicated that school facilities still include tents and mud structures that leave room for further development of the school’s facilities.

DBN Head of Marketing and Cooperate Communication concluded by challenging other institutions to make donations that improve facilities at the school by focusing resources at a single point and socio-economic needs that can be satisfied faster and with greater focus before moving to the next project.

“DBN allocates a portion of its revenue to corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives that cannot sustain commercial finance. In addition to education, the Bank also makes investments in skills development, community safety and health, poverty alleviation, enterprise development, and environmental and biodiversity management” he noted.






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