Caprivi name is no more and where is the History?


The long awaited debate in changing the name Caprivi and its territorial boarders has brought new signals. images

 In response to recent public announcement by Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba in dividing the two northeastern regions, Kavango and the then Caprivi into Zambezi and East Kavango has brought new ideas.

 Our eyes are still open; we have it on record that the visit by the Delimitation Commission in March this year, under the chairmanship of the High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka was great who received the submissions from the public.

What we can’t understand is on the new name Zambezi as said earlier, Zambezi District existed before Germany, when it was part of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) under the British rule.

We all know that the name Zambia is derived from the word Zambezi and they are people called Zambezi between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Therefore, it should be regarded as a river that brings fresh water.

We are still calling Mr. President Pohamba that the proper procedure in renaming Caprivi as a colonial name was not followed properly. Because we feel that the people on the ground were not contacted for their inputs.

The fact that we should get rid of the colonial names does not make any sense if people are not consulted to make their informed decisions; perhaps they are still the same people who are still in poverty.

We feel that we should first benefit from the name Caprivi as it originates from the well-developed countries that colonised us in the past.

While gazetting the new name Zambezi region, as President Pohamba is ending his term in office ahead of the new elections this should be otherwise be in caution that the new East Kavango region in the former western Caprivi should not bring conflict or interfere with the boundary in question.






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