Caprivi High Treason Case to acquit more

By Risco Lumamezi

ABOUT 111 secessionist accused suspects who have been in police detention for close to thirteen years are expected to be acquitted of the high treason charges brought against them in 1999 and 2000.

Caprivi High Treason Lawyer, Mr. Victor Kachaka ready for arguments

The Caprivi high treason is the only longest trail in the Namibian history. In 1999, 132 men suspected to be members of the Caprivi Liberation Army (CLA) were rounded up by NAMPOL for attempting to succeed the region from the rest of the country.

On August 2, the CLA launched a violent attack which saw more than fourteen people killed and occupying the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) radio and television station in Katima Mulilo.

The attack resulted in a state of emergency declared in the region and many arrested and charged with high treason, murder and a host of other offenses.
Eleven trail-awaiting suspects have since died.

The hope of acquittal is slated for September 3, when the high treason suspects will know their fate before Judge Elton Hoff after their eight legal aid lawyers will deliver their arguments.

The state closed the case in February this year, which also saw hope ignited following the successful release of Mr.Rodwell Kasika Mukendwa, (68), on August 10.
Mr. Mukendwa, who was accused number 106, was discharged by the Namibian High court, which found him not guilty and cleared of all 278 charges against him.

Mr. Rodwell Kasika Mukendwa

The hearing of the accused fates will be heard on section 174 of the criminal procedure Act of 1977 which reads that when the state close the case , the defence lawyers have a chance to forward application of discharge for persons not found guilty.

One of the eight legal aid lawyers Mr Victor Kachaka, who also represented Mr.Mukendwa, said all the accused persons , including the twelve he is defending, have launched their applications of discharge.

Mr. Kachaka beamed that his client (Mr.Mukendwa) was detained with no evidence after he successfully defended him when the state witnesses and police officers failed to implicate him on the charges against him.

He added that , Mukendwa is now seeking for legal options with his family lawyers to sue the state for his wrongful arrest and detention in hope of recovering what he lost while locked up in custody.

Free at last….Mr. Rodwell Kasika Mukendwa (Left) standing with his lawyer Mr. Victor Kachaka (Right) outside the High Court in Windhoek on August 10, 2012 after was acquitted on all high treason charges after spending 13 years in prison.

“Why are the detainees be kept locked up if there is no evidence linking them to the charges they are accused of committing,” said the Lawyer.

Mr. Kachaka will deliver his 80 page arguments on behalf of Mr.Vasco Lyonga Inambao accused no 38,Mr. Linus Jakobo Musondeke accused no 94, who was not implicated by any state witness excerpt the police officer who arrested him at Chefuzwe village in 1999.

Others are Mr. Elvin Simon Kauhano accused 107, Mr. Steven Mashando accused no 36, Mr. Linus Kashala Luseso accused no 45, Mr. Richwell Mbala Manyemo accused no115, Mr. Rodwell Sihela Mwanambwe accused no 30.

Mr. Rosco Matengu Makapa accused no 108, Mr. Moven Chombo Kawana accused no 111, Mr. Kester Silemu Kabunga accused no 102, Mr. Fabian Thomas Simiyasa accused no 96 and Mr. Albert Sakeni Magilazi accused no 55.

All the accused have been represented by Kachaka, a Zambian national who specialises in criminal cases, since 2003. Mr. Kachaka has been running his law firm in Zambia since 1995 and has so far defended many clients.






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