Caprivi Governor Speaks Out at Mafwe Day

Caprivi Regional Governor, Lawrence Sampofu
STAFF REPORTER CAPRIVI Regional Governor, Lawrence Sampofu has encouraged the Mafwe Traditional Authority to avail land for Green Scheme Projects.

Governor Sampofu was speaking during Mafwe Lusata Cultural Festival held at Chinchimani on Sunday, October 2,2011.

“There are people who are refusing to give land to government,” he said.

He thanked the people of Kongola who availed two thousand hectares of land to the government for the green scheme projects.

“Lets not sell communal land to investors or business persons since there’s no formula to sell the land ” quashed the Governor.

Honourable Sampofu asked for unity within the Mafwe Community and urged them to refrain from the conflicts.

“Lets abolish tribalism and discrimination, ” he stressed.

In 2007 – 08 he served in the peace keeping missions in Eritrea and Central Africa in 2010, he shared the example that these two countries of Africa were facing problems of tribalism and development was not taking place and he pointed out that this can similar happen to the people of the Caprivi region if they are not united.

He said, in 2005 October 1, Lusata was launched and he witnessed the ceremony.

“If no culture, no Lusata, in all cultural groups I have visited no man was dancing… where are you men I want to see men dancing in Lusata next year” he further said.

Governor Sampofu expressed dissatisfaction that parents in the Caprivi Region should send their children to school and urge them to take education seriously because the region needs specialist Doctors in all works of life.





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