Caprivi Concerned Group Gives Govt 15-Days

 By Dominic

The Katima Mulilo based group, calling itself the Caprivi Concerned Group which advocates for the freedom of the formerly Caprivi Strip (now Zambezi Region) has given the Namibian government 15 days ultimatum to act on their demands.

The group explained that they have grown weary and tired of getting mute responses from the government over the matter of the Caprivi Political dispute.

Caprivi Concerned Group members during the press conference in Katima Mulilo
Caprivi Concerned Group members during the press conference in Katima Mulilo

The group held a press briefing on October 3, where they revealed that they are going to give the Namibian government a 15-day ultimatum to respond to their demands upon which failure to do so will result in them taking peaceful steps.

Mr. Nalisa Muyahi, CCG Secretary for Information and Publicity explained that they had delivered a petition to the United Nations Resident Co-ordinator Mr. Bandora Musinga in February this year but that are yet to receive a response from him.

“Our petition is basically on the demands, one being the release of all political prisoners and a referendum on the Caprivi Political situation”, he said.

He said that what they need is for the United Nations to intervene on the situation between the  SWAPO-led government and the United Democratic Party on Caprivi, “We know the principles of the UN, Mr. Musinga has slipped and failed in handling our petition in a manner which is undemocratic,” Mr Muyahi stressed.

“We are appealing to the government for the last time to unconditionally release all political prisoners and open dialogue on the political situation in Caprivi”, said Muyahi.

He revealed that they were giving the government 15 days from the day of the briefing to open up dialogue with the UDP and to free all Caprivi Political prisoners, Mr. Muhayi explained that failure to do so will result in the following:“We shall turn our back against Namibia and openly support the peaceful movement, particularly UDP to liberate Caprivi Strip from Namibia’s illegal occupation”.

“We shall support the peaceful establishment of the sovereignty of Caprivi to protect the internationally defined territory of Caprivi Strip from Namibia` s illegal occupation”.

“We shall inform the world that Namibia is governing the people and territory of Caprivi at gun point and we shall approach courts to challenge the jurisdiction of Namibia over Caprivi Strip as soon as possible.”

“We shall look for international protection, recognition and support for Caprivians`s right to self-determination and complete freedom from Namibia.”

“We shall freely, publicly and frequently express our support for an independent sovereignty and territory of Caprivi Strip.”

Caprivi Concerned Group members turn their backs during the press conference in Katima Mulilo
Caprivi Concerned Group members turn their backs during the press conference in Katima Mulilo

“We shall expose all human rights abuse committed upon Caprivians by SWAPO prior to Namibian Independence and subsequently by the Namibian government since 1990”.

He concluded by saying, “We know our rights and the history of our mother-land Caprivi Strip. This is our final communication to Namibia in this regard”.

October 18, marked the final day of their demands. The Namibian  government was not reached for comments.







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