Bush Bucks chasing the tall of Bidvest Namibian CUP

By Libuto Walubita in Windhoek

Bush Bucks utilised it’s time to reach the penalty shoot-out where the fireworks happened at Katima Sports Complex  a week ago winning the penalty shoot outs with Black Hawks FC in a driving rain to qualify for the Namibian Newspaper Cup.

Bush Bucks are happy to represent Zambezi region as the first-ever foot ball club to participate at a big tournament that will be kicked at Sam Nujoma Stadium on February 22, in Windhoek.

Bush Bucks Football Club (Umutata) ready to for the Namibian Cup knock -out tournament with the Mountain Rangers from ! Karas Region
Bush Bucks Football Club (Umutata) ready  for the Namibian Cup knock -out tournament with the Mountain Rangers from ! Karas Region

The Bush Bucks are set to play its knock out game with the Mountain Rangers from !Karas Region, this means that if they win they will automatically qualify for the annual Namibian Newspaper Cup for 2014 in the coming Easter tournament bonanza.    

Bush Bucks football club nick named as Umutata it was formed in 1983 when a decision was taken by Mr Patrick Challo Vuyalo and Mr Alexander Harushando, to form a team comprising of Mayeyi soccer players to play on a regional level.

The slogan for the club is called YAZURA means open. It was named Mayeyi flying pigeons. It first took part in a tournament that was held at Simataa Senior Secondary School and winning the silver medals.

Thereafter,the decision was taken to register the team with the Caprivi Soccer League, as now Zambezi Football Association the then chairman of Caprivi Soccer League, Mr James Sankwasa was approached to have the team registered, who advised the management to drop the name with a tribal connotation and thus the name Bush Bucks was adopted.

These are some of first players for bush bucks: Hoster Lifalaza, Kennedy Samulandela, Lemmy Muhapili, Lasken Lilata, Geoffrey   Lushetile, Moven Luswenyo, Cedric Simalumba, Kennedy Munyandi, Lister Makamba, Calvin Elija, Bollen Simbuwa, Domic Batubaja, Vincent Sazitaa and many others.

The team has been through its ups and downs over the years, sometimes failing to register for the leagues due to financial constraints and administrative problems.

 It however managed to fight relegations back in 2008 and henceforth recognised by the Caprivi Soccer League, the chairman for the club is Mr. Francis Lisao and his vice Mr.Erick Sauzuo.

Bush Bucks started its ignition on a low trade  upgrading its players who focused on their game after reaching the semi-finals  to meet the might bird [Black Hawks F.C]  winning the penalty shoot out finals 5-4 in a knock-outs tournament.







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