ABC Investment owner refutes corrupt activities in Katima

By Simon Liseli

A-48-year old Chinese businessman in Katima Mulilo has denied allegations of corruption that has been leveled to him by some of the residents within the township of Katima.

Newly botched installed prepaid water meter system by ABC Investment

Mr. Guo Yun Hai who owns ABC Investments told Caprivi Vision that he is surprised by some of the residents of Katima Mulilo who are accusing him of corruption which he described as baseless and distorted information to the public that lacks the truth and facts.
“I know nothing of what people are talking about, I have never bribed anybody since I came here, the only thing which is there is just that someone some where is trying to tarnish my name and my business and those people who are doing that are failures in life who doesn’t have even vision of their lives. I will soon sue some of those people because I want them to go and explain to me and produce evidence of corrupt activities I did before the competent court of law” stressed Mr. Yun Hai.
Some residents of Katima Mulilo have alleged that Yun has been bribing the Katima Mulilo Town Council to be awarded tenders which he completely refuted as it’s not true.
Mr. Yun also cleared to residents who are concerned that the town council has employed a Chinese man as a cashier that the man is not working at the council but he is a technician who is teaching the council’s cashiers the new software of the new prepaid water meter cards when buying water into those cards.
“You know people doesn’t even ask they are just complaining, the man is not working there he is just helping those people to know how to use the new software of selling water into new prepaid cards and doesn’t do it everyday only when they get stuck is when he goes there to help them” he noted.
Hai who has been living in Katima Mulilo for 17 years started his business in 2002 when he opened a small shop which was known as China Discount Shop and later on opened another shop which called $10 Shop and thereafter he grew up as he is a born minded man.
“People say am bribing the council to award me tenders, those are just fictions and fabricated issues I never gave the council even a cent in my life am getting tenders because I have all necessary documents and procedures used to be followed by those who are there” he refuted.
He added that his first 14 years old son was born in Katima Mulilo, “I got a Namibian national identity card like other Namibians because am now also a nationality of this country and for now I don’t know what’s wrong with residents of this region and why they are against my business” he said.
He pointed out that his aim and visions is to see Katima Mulilo developing like other towns around the country not what people are talking about him.
“My interest is to see Katima growing like other towns and we need to talk about development not corruption, that has gone with apartheid, people are just against me because I came from China and I know who is doing this, he once worked with me and is now trying to influence others after I fired him because of his mis-conduct and behaviors, am a free person who likes people” he remarked.
Mr. Yun Hai promisedthat the prepaid water meters written Namibia Council will soon change to KMTC including ABC cards will also change to KMTC. He called on people with new prepaid meters to report any problem pertaining the meter to his office for repair.
“We welcome everyone to supervise after-service of ABC prepaid water meters” he concluded.






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