Response to press release by Ramakoka on deportation


This is a response to the press release on the deportation of former Namibian refugees in Botswana by the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defence , Justice and Security , Pearl Ramakoka on Sept 12, 2019.

We wish to clearly state here and now that children at the school were forced to leave their class at school by members of the Special support group extorting them . We should now understand that the acting permanent secretary was informed wrongly or that the inhuman  treatment is the norm for handling children whose parents are refugees and  therefore  not human beings . The picture of the children appeared in the media.

Mr.Claassen John Kawana ,UDP Executive member

We hope that the secretary will not deny the  fact that one of the Caprivians was dragged , beaten and shackled and  later tortured by the Special Support Group. The Appeal Court Judgement never pronounced itself on the issue of deportation .

These are some of the six (6) students who were picked-up by members of the Special Support Group on September 6, 2019.  Here are : Jojo Ntensa, Naomi Mwezi, Betty Machana, Mulela Mabuku , Likezo Mabuku and Boysen.

It is not late in hour for Botswana  to stop thinking of Deportation of Caprivians who happen to be Political Refugees whose lives  will be in Serious Danger once within the Namibia  space. We appeal to Botswana  Authority to save the Caprivians.

The Political Party UDP is banned and some Caprivians who were secretly deported  from Botswana in 2003 are in prison and their trial continues in Nambia with no end in sight.

Namibia is a dungeon and no rule of law and undemocratic country. The Caprivi Strip is under  State of emergency since 1999 as a result people disappear, tortured and killed at will. The Caprivi situation is very dangerous and more so to the members of the United Democratic Party UDP.

Botswana once again we appeal to the Authorities concerned, not to Deport the  Caprivians now in your prison,to the Caprivi Strip.

We hope the Secretary will confirm the fact that the Director in your  Ministry told the Caprivians now in your prison that “she will dump the Caprivians at the Border and that whether they get killed by  Nambia or not  she cares not”.

Botswana should not betray the human rights of the Caprivians for the sake of friendship with Namibia. To be Free and Independent is fundmental  Human Rights. We call on Botswana to tell their newly found  friend Namibia the facts about the Caprivi Strip that : it is not ,was not ,has not and will not be part of Namibia save for illegal occupation.


Forward ever backward never

Claassen John Kawana

UDP Executive member





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