We don’t want tobacco farm in Zambezi

We are wondering on our governor who allows the Chinese to farm tobacco in our region instead of maize, mahangu, vegetables and many more to end hunger in the region, but him is creating people ‘s death.

HIV & AIDs is very high and even people are dying because they are still people who are not ready to know their status, TB is still killing our people in our region there are very hard to understand the types of disease and their preventions, and now the governor wants to add on the killing disease.

We are really not accepting tobacco farm in our region we really berg him not to do so. Also our four chiefs of our region don’t admire or sign for that please, please. They are many projects that can be done in our region e.g. , green scheme , clothing factories, driving schools for trucks, earth moving machines and garages for vehicles, but he is just willing to kill his people.

Crime is very high in our region, due to smoking, drinking alcohol and no job creation is made permanent in our region, Chinese are full in Zambezi with their shops. Some are having factories, and they are recruiting people, their salary scale is N$ 300.00 to N$ 500.00 per month ,and when they take stock taking they always discount their workers up to N$200.00 or less than that, we are not accepting Chinese on tobacco please, we are not happy for that at all.

Simone Calicias,Katima Mulilo





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