Sibbinda Councillor Clarifies Delay of Zambezi Development Centre

By Simon Liseli

Hon.Micky Lukaezi , Councillor for Sibbinda Constituency

SIBBINDA Constituency Councillor, Micky Lukaezi has clarified some issues concerning the Zambezi Development Centre situated at Masokotwani area South of Zambezi.

This comes after residents around the region realised that the center has dragged for quiet some years and want to know more from the Constituency Councillor on why it is taking long to come to its completion.

The Zambezi Development Center (ZDC) project has raised eyebrows of concerned residents who have been watching at it and now its constructions have stopped.

In an interview with Caprivi Vision, Councillor Lukaezi, clarified that the center is an ongoing developmental project that was planned with a tune of N$200 million when fully completed. He described it as a huge project once completed.

He however said the project stopped for some time due to funds but the government has responded to their request for the project to continue with its constructions on how it was planned.

Councilor Lukaezi pointed out that the project is not for Sibbinda Constituency alone but a regional project as per government plans for all regions in the country to have those development  project centres  around its four corners.

“If you look at this project we are talking… it goes hand in hand with the one at Ongwendiva” he said.

He added that, a multi-million dollar project of the region will have different workshops where different courses will be provided, “It will be a home of technology and when it was planned in 2010 I was there, when I took over the office I hunted for the plan until I got it and revised it is when I realised that each region countrywide should have such a developmental project as per government plans”

Zambezi Development Project started with its first phase by negotiating with people who resided at the area where it is constructed to move and relocated at certain place within Masokotwani and the construction of a big block that consists of a hall and toilets started.

In 2021 after the project has stopped Zambezi Regional Council funded it and furniture were bought from the money funded by the Regional Council.

He said the hall is ready to be used by people who want to conduct meetings as long as the Constituency Office and Director of Planning is aware of such meeting.

“They are free to conduct their meetings, water is available and electricity, 2022 financial year we were lucky, the project got a N$ 20 000 and this year we got a funding of N$ 50 000 where we plan to build septic tanks and I believe that tender has already been advertised though I don’t have that document but I am sure, I just don’t know when it was closed but for those in need of it, it is available at the Regional Council” he explained.

Lukaezi noted that they have plans as the Constituency where they will ask the government to pump in 30 million to the Constituency budget through the Regional Council for the construction of another phase where youth will do courses such as welding, mechanics, hospitality and many others.

“It’s a long term developmental project of the region is why it failed to be called Masokotwani, the Regional Council is pushing by all means for that 30 million to have equipped workshops with all necessary machineries” He revealed.

He added that the project will need a lot of funds to enable workers to be working in a conducive place as they will need accommodation.

When asked on who won the tender at the beginning of the construction, Lukaezi  referred this reporter to the Regional Council for answers as he did not have powers on the start of the project, “Regional tender board does its tendering confidential but all what I know is that first priority is always given to local constructors” he added.

Councillor Lukaezi disclosed that there are a number of projects needed within the constituency such as the upgrading of the 42 kilometres gravel road to tarred road between Sibbinda and Linyanti and the constructor has already met the community for environmental assessments and feasibility studies.

“What is needed now is money for the tender to go for the construction to start and they have to find out which type of the tarred road is needed, either low or high volume depending on money and it is a project that will give jobs to unemployed youth and make people to reach their destinations easier, that means it will be a very busy road” he noted.

He said the current gravel road has turned into mud whereby cars cannot pass through during rainy season.

The other project underway in Sibbinda is the drilling of two boreholes as the Constituency is unique when it comes to water because there is no nearby river and that Sibbinda pipeline has to be revived.

“As am talking with you now, there is a company at Sachinga that came to build a big dam where they will set-up a booster that will push water to Sibbinda that is a big project that will continue with its phase two in other Constituencies of the region”

Boreholes being drilled will be major water points for livestock as many of the current available boreholes are private owned, “I believe that if these boreholes will finish, cattle won’t die as they used to die” Lukaezi said.

Boreholes will be at 180 to 200 meters deep according to hydrologists’ research. Appointed contractor drilled boreholes in Lyabboloma and Linyanti Constituencies and nine (9) more boreholes have to be drilled in the region.

When it comes to electricity honourable Lukaezi said Sibbinda Constituency is more vulnerable when it comes to that issue,

“I use to say that, but people think that I like where I come from whereas it’s not the case, when you go around as media to find out where there are people within 500 radius who should benefit to electricity in all constituencies you will found that, in Kongola all schools have poles and those within 500 radius, Lyabboloma same thing, in Linyanti all only Masida Combined School, Kabbe north same and Kabbe South only few areas doesn’t have but when you come in Sibbinda where we are next to the transformer, only Kasheshe got 500 radius with Kaenda and Bitto and to the other of the Constituency is Masokotwani, Makolonga and Chinchimani, only those one among 12 schools “he explained.

He said, at Sikosinyana Senior Secondary School and Sibbinda Combined School electricity only came into classrooms and staffroom, not even teachers within the school premises got electricity and those in government premises.

“For example, Sikosinyana has a hostel that takes 180 learners and currently now Mayuni hostel is closed for renovations and learners who were suppose to be there came to Sikosinyana and other schools and most of learners are in darkness because there is no electricity within 500 radius like in other areas, we are trying to request for electricity but Mines and Energy ministry doesn’t understand us” noted Sibbinda councillor.

Lukaezi lamented that as a councillor the first priority was to be at Sibbinda where they are two schools followed by Kanono, Kaliyangile, Lusu and Sikubi to have 500 radiuses as they are feeding schools of others.

“How are we going to have good results if our learners are in darkness?, that is why those with money open bars and learners goes to those places because they cannot stay in darkness which is one of the contributing factor of poor results because both teachers and learners live in darkness, as we are talking now grade 12 at Sikosinyana and Mayuni are temporarily closed because they are not producing, our aims are that in those schools electricity should be fully supplied” he remarked.

He called on all councillors to stand and fight together because is a concern of everybody including water and road infrastructure.

Asked on the relationship between the community of the constituency and his office, Lukaezi has this to say, “Sibbinda is like Katima Urban Constituency where they are many different tribes, so in these two constituencies you do not have to expect 100% relationship and to be a Councillor while coming from a family where they are lot of issues, it’s not an easy thing that people can be happy for you, but the good thing is that the current relationship we have looks to be okay in all politics, though there are residents of  Sibbinda who are outside the region and are writing lot of stories trying to damage our images, saying we are not performing” he pointed out.





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