Revolution of Regional and Local Authority Governance in a multi-cultural society Local Authority business is service oriented and at most greatly public-interest driven

As such the ideal service so rendered need to be felt by the grassroots which are the end users. In a society where different tribes co-exist it is critically important that every inhabitant of a constituency, city, town or village equally enjoy the proceeds of effective service delivery.

The idea that blood is thicker than water is indeed an issue that afflict human survival and in many instances create vaults and valleys of illusions in any sphere of human endeavour.

Many reports of favouritism, chauvinism and reckless preferential treatments and offers are a common occurances in different sectors of society.

Corruption, the modern administrative pest of the century, has come to benefit others and extensively menaces the lives of the unfortunate members that lack proportional representation. Newspapers report on jobs reserved for relatives, friends, concubines as well as jobs and promotions given on monetary grounds or in kind.

The art of employment creation has turned out into a monster of self-enrichment. Tenders are also reported as instruments that benefit one side of the coin rather than as means to gratify all the inhabitants of the land according to the content of their charecter.

In a multi cultural society the idea of the content of one’s charecter can become an illusion if people from the same family or tribal backgrounds dominate the key areas of the organisational setup. This becomes self evident in the demonstrations and protests that are staged as signs of dissatisfaction. No person should be left out thus nobody should be dissatisfied. Let justice prevail if we are to be a principled nation.

The gist of this article is to remove scars of discrimination that ravages countries and cast them in total disrepute. In local governance there is need for balancing the Office bearers and management.

The proliferation of one tribe running the affairs of an organisation like Regional or Local Authority Councils is an indication of tribal politics and this move provokes tribalism and its related negative offshoots.

Let all tribes be represented in Councils if we are to be a great nation because where there are people that come from different tribal backgrounds chances of offering selective services may become unlikely.

Let it happen in Katima Mulilo, Rundu, Oshakati, Windhoek and many cities and villages for the sake of justice because no single tribe can shape the destiny of a nation alone.

The destiny of the land is a shared venture and is miraculously inter-twined. Let the idea of Yeyi, Mafwe Sans or Subia only be discouraged to prevent gossip and blackmail.


I stand for justice for all







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