UNAM should bring key faculties in Katima Mulilo

University of Namibia (UNAM) should consider bringing the most key important faculties and schools at Katima Mulilo Campus, those that would help the local (Caprivian) students to further their studies and  contribute to the economic development of the country.

Just imagine that since the reform of the College of Education  which  was established by the Ministry of Education in early 90s during the post-independence of Namibia , up to the period  when UNAM inherited the former Caprivi College of Education, it is still offering courses of Education which has been dumping  many graduates every year on the streets without a job as teachers.

Our eyes are still open that we have seen other former colleges of education in this country that have been transformed in the same way , but they are offering different faculties including education.

Haply, Katima Mulilo Campus should have been offering various courses  such as agriculture, engineering,  geology, medicine, law , management , science  and technology and etc to otherwise serve the residents of Zambezi region  and other international students from  the neighbouring countries in SADC and beyond because of its proximity to African corridors.

In the past and today, many students have been travelling long distance (1300 km) to the capital Windhoek those who want to study different academic disciplines instead of education, but they end-up in hardships of high standard of living in the city such as accommodation, transport and daily essential needs than staying in their parent’s homes while attending their studies at their door steps.

This situation normally forces parents to persuade their children to study education which has no job opportunities because of the lack of schools in Zambezi region  as many classrooms are overcrowded with over 50 learners, with two sessions at the primary and combined schools.

However, we would like to give credit to the Minister of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation , Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi  who accompanied Vice Chancellor of the University of Namibia , Prof. Kenneth Matengu and his entourage  who have once alluded at the graduation ceremony that  other field of studies such as Animal Health, Pathology and Suitable Tourism Management will be offered at Katima Mulilo Campus in the near future.

We therefore urge government and the University of Namibia to consider priority field of studies mentioned above to be offered at Katima Mulilo Campus as soon as possible.








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