LPM deputy leader and Member of Parliament resigns

By Staff Reporter

Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Member of Parliament and Chief Whip, Hon. Henny Seibeb has tendered his resignation letter for both portfolios.

Mr. Seibeb stated in his resignation letter dated 4 June 2024 that “I wish to formally notify the media and the public that I have resigned as a member of parliament and from the Landless People’s Movement effective immediately. Further details and information on the way forward will be provided at a later stage”

This came after the press statement which announced the appointment of Hon. Utaara Mootu as the new Chief Whip of LPM, the position which was served by Mr. Seibeb.

“We believe honourable Mootu, is fit for the responsibilities this position thrusts upon her and we believe in her ability to soar to new heights. The youth are not leaders of tomorrow but are the leaders of today. Hon.Seibeb will return to being an ordinary member of parliament and still remains the deputy leader of the Landless People’s Movement political party” explained LPM’s National Spokesperson, Mr.Lifalaza Simataa.

Former deputy leader, Seibeb founded LPM in 2017 with his colleague, former Deputy Minister of Land Reform Mr. Benardus Swaartbooi, the current President and Chief Change Campaigner.

Landless People’s Movement secured 4 seats in the National Assembly of Namibia , after the outcome of the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.







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