Independence should address plight of the youth

Mashika Sicacani , Kozo Village  Sibbinda

Dear editor ,

Allow me a space to share my views on the 34th Independence Anniversary of Namibia , its with heartfelt that we remember the freedom fighters who liberated Namibia from the colonial regime.

Yes indeed , their fight for freedom to independence was really the big battle that they won with amicable help through the barrel of guns, Resolution 435 and many other ways that brought us freedom we enjoy today.

But to my suprise , independence today is for certain individuals, because it is not enjoyed  by all Namibians especially  young people. In my view there is no fruits of independence among the youth, maybe for the next generation to come.

High unemployment rate is rising in the country , and insufficient food security are devouring the nation. Millions of monies have been missing dubiously in government ministries and public enterprises, for these reasons I see that with the 34 years of independence we have done little. 

However, I would like to ask the Namibian fourth President , Dr. Nangolo Mbumba to act quickly in addressing the plight of the youth as they are the future leaders. 







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