Zambezi Council gets new offices

By Chaze Chika

 NEW Multi-million dollar state-of the-art hosting new offices for Zambezi Regional Council (ZRC) that has been under construction since 2014 has been successfully completed.

NEW Multi-million dollar state-of the-art hosting new offices for Zambezi Regional Council (ZRC)

Ginsu a Chinese company won the tender to construct the brand new offices which are aimed at bringing together old scattered structure of the regional council inherited from the previous Bantustan administration.

Zambezi Regional Governor Hon. Lawrence Alfea Sampofu

In an interview with the regional governor Hon. Lawrence Alfea Sampofu said the construction of the new offices was estimated at a tune of N$65 million but it has gone beyond that estimate due to delays in payments by the government that was caused by budget cuts which raised the costs to beyond N$65 million.

According to him some other setbacks that delayed the construction was the work inside the building and furniture for workers to use in their offices that were not yet fixed.

“Those offices will bring great benefit to us and to the entire region because they will bring together scattered offices such as the old regional council structure that we are currently using now at Boma, ministry of education and other offices” stated the governor.

Hon. Sampofu also mentioned that the construction of new regional offices for the ministry of land reform will follow up and its construction will between the new regional council offices and Katima base.

He did not divulge more when it will be inaugurated, “The offices for the regional council are well constructed they will attract tourists and even other investors to come on board, though I don’t know when will it be officially inaugurated” he added.

Governor Sampofu has called people of the region to stand and work together when it comes to development of the town and to the region at large.“We should all stand united not to divide our selves because we wont develop and we should also refrain from tribalism is why we are not growing, unity is the only tool that will bring development of this region.” he concluded.






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