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Who is Pandeni ?

Mr.Pandeni Angula commonly known as TCB

Mr.Pandeni Angula commonly known as TCB

Real Name

Pandeni Angula

Stage Name is Pandeni

I am well known as Chris Chris and some people call me TCB (Take of Business)

I am the CEO and owner of TCB the business

I was born and raised in Katima Mulilo.


My mother is a Caprivian and my Dad is an Oshiwambo


I studied in Windhoek

Level of Education?

I completed my grade 12 and then I went to private college

Recording label and experience

I worked with Dark Dogs for 4 years started 2008 up 2010; I worked with him side by side with him. We organized shows with him and even designing T-shirts and Videos logos for the companies. So we worked together for a long time.

How old are you ?

25 years old

Can you tell your fans what type of music you play ?

I believe as a musician somebody should be able to fit in all types, so I don’t have any category for my music . if somebody comes to jazz I would sing jazz, if somebody comes  on house I would sing house , hip hop , R&B etc .

How many albums do you have so far?

I have featured by many artist so I have decided to pull everything together and make one album .

When are you going to launch that album?

It’s not going to have CD luanch or anything, it’s already on the internet and you can get Cd’s and CKP stationeries in Katima.

How many of you in your group?

I’m currently a solo artist.