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Venaani castigates Geingob over the BDF killing spree

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By Risco Lumamezi

LEADER of the Official Opposition Party in Namibia, Mr.McHenry Venaani has castigated the Namibian president Dr. Hage Geingob to intervene not to mum on the shooting killing spree of the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) in Zambezi.

Mr.McHenry Venaani,President of the Official Opposition Party in Namibia , Popular Democratic Movement (PDM)

He told reporters on Tuesday in Katima Mulilo that president Geingob and his Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Ndaitwa to intervene on the killings of the recent incident of the four (4) fishers of Impalila who were killed by the patrolling members of the BDF along the Chobe river which borders Botswana and Namibia.

“This is a fragrance violation of international law that if the person is in your country illegally the person must be arrested, and must be tried by the competent court of law”

He said the reason why people are murdered by Botswana while president Geingob is silent about it should not be continued.

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president Venaani, has been in the Zambezi region for two weeks now, touring the constituencies while telling promises of his political party to the people to vote for his party during the Regional and Local Authority Elections on November 25.

According to him, he wrote an open letter to president Geingob and Ndaitwa on Monday to bring the saga of the Botswana trigger happy soldiers’ tactics of shoot-to-kill to an end.

He recalled that last year (2019) he had a private meeting with the former Botswana president, Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama in Gaborone where he raised the issue of the killings and Batswana soldiers.

“ I demand  that president Geingob  and Ndaitwa call in the high commissioner of Botswana to explain  to Namibia what is this thing of bloodily killings of Namibians without the right to be heard before the competent court” he quashed

“There’s no law that say if am in a country illegally even if I come illegally in United States today or any country, the first thing is I must be arrested. The other thing is to be tried and to be deported…But to shoot all family members in one go just calling them poachers while they did not prove any difficulties of their arrest and the army cannot arrest these people”

Mr Venaani has visited the bereaved family of the victims where he expressed his sympathy with contribution.

“The people of Zambezi should know that as leaders we are not quiet about this happening”

He however, expressed dismay about the behaviours of Botswana soldiers who gradually enter Namibia freely harassing and killing defenceless ordinary people while the Namibia Defence Force is there to protect the territory of Namibia from the intruders.

He lambasted the Namibian minister of Defence to awake and make actions.

“I also visited the flood place at Lusu area where am told by the indunas that BDF come into this country at will, and beat people at will and harass people while we have a loud map defence minister who talks about respecting our integrate but a foreign army is invading Namibia come and beat people here, come with helicopters and they go back at will nothing happen to them so loud map minister start doing something about it” he furthers

Meanwhile the Botswana Defence force commander, Colonel Tebo Kacho Dikole confirmed the killing of the four (4) Namibians in the press statement on Monday that they were killed on November 5, at around 23 hours in Sedudu area, and he described them as poachers.


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