UDP supporters accuse police for confiscating party materials

UDP diehard supporters, from left is Mr.Lawrence Makwanga(Coordinator), Ms.Ronnicah Sipiho(Secretary) and Mr.Temper Simasiku(Advisor)

By Staff Reporter

DIEHARD United Democratic Party (UDP), party supporters in Zambezi region has accused the Namibian police for confiscating their party materials and for violating their ‘inalienable rights’ for digging dipper into their privacy.

A group of the concerned and unhappy Mishake Muyongo’s supporters have told Caprivi Vision that on June 27, 2022 the newly appointed Nampol Crime Investigation Coordinator for Zambezi region Deputy Commissioner Kenneth Simbwaye and Deputy Commissioner Nehemiah of the Operation Unit in Zambezi have co-opted arrested two ladies who were found standing on the front of FNB Katima branch wearing UPD party colours.

“What the minister ( Dr.Albert Kawana ) said it is now  being exercised  by the Namibian Police  officers,  they have  started  showing their true colours of killing because two females  they were arrested on 27 June 2022 due to  the fact that they were putting on the UDP T-shirt and the wrapper with UDP emblem , they  even  searched deeply inside their handbags  and took all the UDP  materials they were having  such as the exercise book written the names list of members donated , membership cards and money  which was donated got missing on the same spot after being searched , they were all searched by male police officers ” stressed in the statement  which was hand delivered to Caprivi Vision.

The UDP party Coordinator, Mr. Lawrence Makwanga said that  the two ladies were taken to the Police Regional Office in Katima Mulilo and were interrogated by Simbwaye and Nehemiah who later called him , and other executive members for questioning  which took them some hours, and later they were discharged.

He said, they were warned not to continue advocating for the banned UDP party which is calling for self-independence of the Caprivi Strip.

“Why did they remove the wrapper of that woman she put on? meanwhile, those things they were officially accepted to be used the very day Dukwi returnees arrived in the sports complex, why didn’t they burn  all the UDP materials on that day so that people should not use them anymore?”

They have also argued that their fundamental rights were violated ,  which stated in the Namibian Constitution such as Article 7, the Right to Liberty and Article 8 Right to Respect  for Human Dignity including the Right to Life Article 6.

“Which article from the Namibian Constitution prohibits a person to wear any political t-shirt or scarf? why is the Namibian government failing to reply on our petition ? Is it because they want to arrest and kill the entire UDP members when we talk about Caprivi freedom?”

They however accused the police for acting unprofessional, when the male police officers searched female handbags without the owner’s consent and without a search warrant.

“For how long are we going to be patient on this issue? We are pleading for help from all international organizations to help us on this issue, otherwise the Namibian government they must just come and kill us all”

When quizzed for comment, to hear how true the allegations were, deputy commissioner Simbwaye refused to respond to allegations levelled against him, and he referred all queries to Inspector Kisco Sitali, Nampol’s Spokesman for Zambezi region who promised to revert back to this reporter.









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