Two Men Charged for possessing Cannabis

By Simon Liseli

A -23-year-old Zambian male Mr.Rushied Lubasi Shitaa appeared before the Katima Mulilo district court on 30 January 2012 for being found in possession of Cannabis or drug trafficking.

January 26, 2012 the accused Mr. Shitaa was found in possession of Cannabis at WENELA boarder post north of Katima Mulilo town and was sentenced to 30 days imprisonment or to pay a fine of N$ 200.

The principal magistrate Ms.Nomusa Sibanda and the public prosecutor Mr.Jatiel Mudamburi ruled out.

Mr. Shitaa crossed WENELA from Zambia side into Namibia with Cannabis less than the presumption of 10 grams that valued N$30.00 and during his final trial he was convicted for possession of Cannabis contravening section 2 (b) act 41 of 1971, N$200 or 30 days imprisonment.

Meanwhile Mr.Trasitikeni Mwekonga a (34) Zambian male who resides in New Cowboy informal settlement was also charged by the Katima Mulilo district court on February 1, 2012 for being found in possession of pure cannabis that weighed 1 gram and valued at N$3.00.

According to act 41/71 section 2 (b) possession of Cannabis, the accused person was facing three counts which were; obstructing against police officers, resisting against arrest and escaping from lawful custody at Wenela boarder on 28 September 2011.

After the counts were read to him, he was convicted of escaping before being locked up and possession of Cannabis and was sentenced for count 1, 2 months wholly which was suspended for 2 years on condition that the accused is not convicted of escaping from lawful custody and count 2 was sentenced to 30 days imprisonment or to pay a fine of N$100.

The accused escaped the police officers at WENELA boarder post and was re-arrested at around 17H00 at Base bar found along the Zambezi River at Katima Farm on the same day, September 28, 2011 and since his arrest he was in police custody.





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