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Six Candidates vie for Katima

By Staff Reporter

 SIX (6) Candidates are vying for Katima Mulilo, the capital of Zambezi region with elections slated for tomorrow August 25, 2021.This follows the death of former Councillor late John Mukaya.

 The Katima Mulilo Urban Constituency has remained the stronghold of the ruling party SWAPO since the inception of the Regional Councils and Local Authority Elections in 1992.

In 2020 Regional Councils and Local Authority Elections, Katima Urban Constituency was won by SWAPO’s John Mukaya with 1 831 votes, followed by PDM Candidate Mr. Mweti Matengu who scored 557, 369 votes for Mr. Poniso Kubwima as an Independent Candidate, IPC Candidate Mr. Joseph Simwanza garnered 307 votes, Mr. Nawa Nawa the Independent Candidate received 108 votes whilst Independent Candidate Mr. Martin Munalula Paul Sililo got 98 votes.

At the Local Authority level, SWAPO scooped 1 530 votes with four (4) seats, PDM 448 (1) Seat, IPC 252 one seat, NDP 147 (1) Seat, KADA 122(O seat), LPM 49 (0) Seat, RP 27(0) Seat and RDP 10(0) Seat.

Among the contenders in this year’s By-Elections, four Candidates are representing political parties such as Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), represented by Ms. Lynnette Malipa, National Democratic Party (NDP) for Chripher Mukendwa Simasiku, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) is represented by Mr. Marklee Mweti Matengu and South West Africa Peoples Organisation (SWAPO) represented by Mr. Kennedy Simasiku.

Two Independent Candidates (IC) are Mr. Miller Poniso Kubwima, the youngest candidate and Mr. Gibson Kabuna Nkando a teacher by profession, the school principal of Ngweze Senior Secondary School.

So far, ECN has deployed 20 teams today, consists of 15 fixed and 5 mobile teams with 40 vehicles to be used in all twenty polling stations around Katima Mulilo.

In a press statement on Friday, Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer Mr. Theo Mujoro said that “the Commission encourages all voters to go out in numbers to exercise their democratic right and vote. Polling Stations will open at 07h00 and close at 21h00 go and vote, your vote counts”

The total number of registered voters for Katima Mulilo Urban Constituency is 14 241.

All eligible voters can visit the following polling Stations in Katima, Fixed Polling Stations: Kizito College Hall ,Ngweze Community Hall ,Ngweze Primary School, Choto  Town Council Substation, Katima Combined School, Brendan Simbwaye Primary School , Tobias Hainyeko Project School, Katima Mulilo Open Market, Mavuluma Primary School, Greenwell Matongo Primary School, Diary Schuckma, Cowboy Market , Community Park , Mahohoma Centre, Makarabani West Centre, Mobile Teams: Wenela Border Post, Katima Mulilo Town Chamber Hall, Makarabani East, EPZ,NOVA Project Centre, Zambezi Vocational Training Centre, Mangongo , Choto Old Market, Lwayaha and Katima Fire Station.


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