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Sampofu warns residents to observe COVID-19 protocols

By Risco Lumamezi

Zambezi Governor Lawrance Sampofu, has warned residents of Zambezi region to observe protocols of COVID-19 which has drastically increased with high numbers of positive cases and death rates this month.

Zambezi Governor, Lawrance Sampofu

In the recent weeks from June 22 to July 8,2021 the Ministry of Health and Social Services has recorded a high number of deaths, and positive cases in Zambezi region with a total number of 581 positive cases and 43 deaths.

Sampofu has cautioned residents of Zambezi to adhere to COVID 19 measures and protocols by wearing in face masks, sanitizing and limit unnecessary movements.

“We appeal to people that they must put on their masks, some people they are refusing to sanitize when they go to shops, they should limit movement, if someone does not have anything to do in town just stay at home unless you are going for shopping, clinic, and hospital or visiting a friend…But we are not restricting the movement but we should keep ourselves”

Governor Sampofu further cautioned residents that “This COVID is real it is here to finish us if we are not careful”

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