Royal Security guard family ask police to intervene

By Simon Liseli

 FAMILY members of the late Royal security guard member, Mr. Victor Kapelwa Mutelo who died mysteriously, and whose headless and armless body were found by a Zambian fisherman at Katongo in the river waters floating, are still concerned and uncertain of the death of their beloved one.

Mr. Alex Kalala a concerned family member of the deceased said the family of the late Mutelo are worried with the death of their beloved one and need to know more from the police what happened to the deceased because they do not understand how he died.

“That guy left a big gap in the family that we won’t manage to fill, the family trusted him as they depended on him, because he was the only one working, who could help parents at home with ploughing and other works, we want the police to find out the cause of death and inform us on time. We want to know the real cause of his death” he noted.

However when contacted to hear more on how far were investigations on the matter Deputy Commissioner and Regional Crime Investigation Coordinator in Zambezi Region Mr. Evans Simasiku said investigations are going very well but could not reveal any information on how well there are going.

“Investigations are going very well but I cannot reveal any information to the public for now as we are still investigating the matter to get the truth” he said.

Deceased Kapelwa was laid to rest on Tuesday January 23, 2018 at Sachinga Village some 40 kilometers west of Katima Mulilo.






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