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Police beat crime in Zambezi

By Simon Liseli

The Namibian police in  Zambezi region has  received and opened dockets  of  crimes from different police stations around the region  for July 2019.

Nampol Deputy Commissioner and Crime Investigation Coordinator for Zambezi Region, Mr. Evans Simasiku

In an exclusive interview with Caprivi Vision, Nampol Deputy Commissioner and Crime Investigation Coordinator for Zambezi Region, Mr. Evans Simasiku said the highest and disturbing crime in the region that was reported is stock theft where eighty-two (82) cattle were stolen in Zambezi and taken to neighbouring Zambia.

Cattle valued at N$495 000 of which seventy-one of them have been recovered so far that valued at N$446 000, and eleven cattle are not yet recovered worth N$48 000.

According to Mr. Simasiku, among the stock theft cases only nine (9) of them were reported to the police and three Zambian nationals with one Namibian citizen who have been identified as Mr. Sililo Ilukena aged 28-years were arrested.

He pointed out that this is a nasty act happening in the region.

He advised residents in particular farmers to take care of their animals not to let them go astray without someone taking care of them.

He called on farmers to report with immediate effect once they miss their livestock, for the police to have time for making some follow-up. “To be honest enough in these reports am saying, all seventy-one (71) recovered cattle were found in Zambia and farmers suffered in bringing them back due to long distances.

He added  saying that the act is not an intentional but the situation itself forces farmers to lose their animals because local people are not willing to look after cattle and Zambians in particular are being employed as cattle headers whereby farmers do not know where they came from and don’t even take their identity particulars.

“Am putting an awareness to farmers that when somebody is looking for a job they must know where that person comes from, get his/her particulars, name of the area headman and name of the chief for the police to have chance of making follow-up when such a person misses or animals” he noted.

Cattle were recovered through reports from farmers with assistance of Zambia police service as they used to engage them when they receive such reports to accompany to recover their cattle.

In another case a 21-year-old male Namibian citizen was arrested for possession of dagga worth N$5300 of which is 530 grams at street market.

Two cases of contravening of the Ammunition Act 7 of 1996 were also reported and are not yet finalised.

The police also received three cases of road traffic transportation where people who are transporting goods are not following rules and laws of the road use and three persons were arrested and their cases were finalised.

Thirty-two (32) cases of house breaking said to be also one of the serious crime in Zambezi where most of the residents are suffering, it has been discovered that most of the people involved in that crime are foreigners who are stealing properties and take them across Zambezi river and only a few of them are recovered due to the fact that householders report to the police at a late stage whereas even when the police cruise on the scene of crime they do not get the cruise because of late reporting.

Deputy Commissioner Simasiku encouraged householders to report on time when they have noted house breaking as at the stage the police in the region got a tracking dog that can be used to track the direction where the thief has hide out.

A case of attempted murder was also reported but it’s not yet finalised.

Seventy-two different cases of which thirteen (13) of them are finalised were also reported, these cases are mostly theft of cell phones which is also at a high level in the region at the moment due to the fact that victims are not protecting themselves to the sense that they leave bars at late hours, where as criminals at the time are arm-bushing them.

Crime Investigation Coordinator urged residents especially those socialising to use streets where they are lights when they leave bars at night for their security and when moving in group to unite.

One (1) case of anti-corruption was also reported but it’s not yet finalised.

A case of culpable homicide was also reported where two lives of Namibian citizens were lost and that has been described as a loss to the family and the entire nation. One case among the two is in court and the other still under police investigations.

Fourteen (14) cases of assault by threatening were reported and one has been finalised, these cases are also from misuse of liquor.

Three cases of arson were reported of which one has been finalised and in these cases of arson, one serious case where somebody set fire on the kraal whereby eighty (80) goats all got burned to ashes and the farmer lost tremendously.

One case of murder reported is not finalised and three cases of illegal possession of controlled game products, one was finalized and others not yet. One case of defeating the course of justice that was reported is also not yet finalised.

The other case of contravening of custom’s Act 20 section 9 was finalised, according to Simasiku section 9 that came into effect will help in the region because lot of people transport goods illegally across and this section allows confiscation of vehicle and goods that are forfeited to the state once found illegally.

“As you are aware that we are dealing with illegal cross boarder crimes where most of the goods cross from Namibia to Zambia illegally in particular direction of Chantuu, the situation is monitored to bring it down so that people live in harmony”

Violation of protection order case is not finalised and illegal fishing contravening fisheries Act 4 of 2003 was finalised.

In eight (8) cases of theft out of motor vehicle deputy commissioner reminded travellers and residents of the region that whenever they park their cars they must make sure that their cars are fully locked and test its locks.

He however concluded by advising residents of Zambezi region to refrain from poaching activities, “I know the cost of living has became high but mind you that poaching goes together with your life, my warning to people who are involved in these illegal activities, life have being lost along the Chobe river where poaching is at a high level, people are losing their rifles which they bought to protect their livestock but now they are using these rifles illegally to kill animals that goes in Botswana”  Simasiku furthers .



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