Namibia must hand over Caprivi to UN

The Editor,

“Facts are many, but the truth is one” Rabindranath Tagore. Such is the very testimony to what Dr. John Lilemba and Namibia’s Executive Director for Human Rights, Phil Ya Nangoloh had demonstrated after have told the Namibian High Court and the world of the true state of the Caprivi Strip that “it’s not part of Namibia.” Indeed, that was the one truth, the simple truth! Which is, Caprivians had been traded from one colonial master to the next without have been accorded a choice of what they want to be as a people – denied of their humanity.

Mr.Mulife Muchali
Mr.Mulife Muchali

Perusing through various literature one reads that…

By December 1964, F.M. Siomunyi, the Regional Secretary for Caprivi African National Union (CANU)  in Livingstone had said,“ The people of Caprivi are not struggling for their independence to join up with any of their neighbors….We are dedicated to the freedom of Caprivi alone. When we are free, it will be up to the people to decide whether or not to join any country.”

With the political infighting in CANU, Ernest Likando and team (Sibeya Simasiku) had blamed Mishake Muyongo for have been “…instrumental in merging of CANU with SWAPO without consulting the people of Caprivi” Equally, Dr. Kangumu and Zeller (2007) in their article state that “CANU was established with the “…purpose of achieving a black self- government for the Caprivi Strip.” With no iota of doubt, all the above statements tell the true story of the Caprivi Strip.

Witnesses face death threats…

After have sent shock-waves to Namibia’s political pundits that had for over a decade been sleeping on the Caprivi political question, Namibians are waking-up to rumours and speculations of possible assassination of the duo – Dr. John Lilemba and Phil Ya Nangoloh. If such rumours coming from one of the intended target are true, then the Namibian government via its intelligence services has lost its vision – disregarding and undermining the rule of law, so is the Namibian constitution.

If witnesses called before a court of law are intimidated, insulted, and threatened with death, where is the place of the judiciary in an independent Namibia?

Unfortunately, such threats in Namibia cannot be fully investigated, as many of the high teamed security personnel and politicians are the very perpetrators of those crimes: hate speech, intimidation, torture and the summarily execution of citizens.

In addition, which is surprisingly, instead of presenting a different version on the Caprivi Strip, many “napping” Namibians have been caught with their “pants hanging down” and resorted to personal attacks on individuals that were called to testify before a court of law.

In short, Mr. Ya Nangoloh and Dr. Lilemba have a conscience, are principled people who don’t let false patriotism blur the truth at the expense of a suffering group of people.

Will their testimony mean much in the ongoing Caprivi Treason Trial?

Now, if Ya Nangoloh and Dr. Lilemba can be subject for possible assassination, how about the “poor” Judge who is entrusted in making the final decision/verdict? If history has taught us a lesson, Judge Elton Hoff had once ruled in favour of some of the very accused before him, whom he had ordered to be released that they were brought “illegally” before the court. His court order/ruling was nullified by the SWAPO led government and re-arrested the same accused after a few minutes of freedom – leading to a Supreme Court’s 3-2 ruling against them with a corrupt Zimbabwean Judge in the midst. Subsequently, threats were made against the Judge and those that would be released by some elements within the SWAPO Youth League “…we are trained and we will kill them if they come out.Whoever is responsible for granting bail to these people should pack and go,” Kapia.






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