Namibia to eye slots in mining and nuclear power plants

A government should have developed a strategy to make Namibia a top ten mining and power supply destination ,why is the minister of mines and energy quite or he does not have innovations  nor advices ,the overseer!

Personally speaking with Mr.Solvent (White Diamond ) Muleke

If I was offered an opportunity to explore my minds and academic knowledge, I would ensure affordable, accessible and sustainable supply of energy-efficient to Namibia through cert’ tiple sources mined in the country.

The minister or may I advise the appointed minister that the country should aim at becoming a net energy exporter within the region.the question is;does the ministry continues to make necessary reviews to some legislation and policies to ensure that they are having conducive solutions to natural resources and thus for development?
We are having some significant progress that had been made to place our Namibia on track to becoming mineral hub centre of excellence.
I rather opt for changes to mines and energy, to pursue citizen economic empowerment initiative, to ensure safe use of explosive and to prevent their use in criminal activities.let’s the ministry add some amendments that would remove trade barriers and should foresee increased penalties to deter illegal trade in uranium, diamond, copper and gold.
However, I am rising the concerns that strong rough diamond price were getting ahead of polished diamond, and this has the potential to compromise the sustainability of diamond manufacturing industry, “note that  prices were starting to rebound, as said by the mineral sector has not yet recovered from the decline of commodity prices” ,Bwabbwata had not commenced operations as it is our hope in Caprivi that DE beers opens and Russia should open mines,in mining sector, we soon find investor and commence operation.
I hereby encouraging minister and investors to seek opportunities in the Zambezi and Namibia for opportunities in diamonds ,with uranium we Namibians could work hard to complete and find the energy development of a 550 KV Transmission line from Swakopmund to Zambezi, noting that it would support potential mining and business by providing a cheaper and more stable source of power.
I would rather urge the minister to further table a national energy policy sitting of parliament, I do urge also ECB has been established to regulate the sector but quite and not knowing what are they therefore in the offices,  the government would have approved an initiative that would facilitate potential holders of coal bed methane prospecting licences to develop nuclear fueled power plants with a combined power productions of 1500 MW,even though the ministry is interested in renewable energy.





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