Namibia Celebrates 34th Independence Anniversary in Katima Mulilo


Story by Risco Lumamezi

Dr Nangolo Mbumba ,President of the Republic of Namibia in Katima Mulilo

Tens of thousands of residents of the Zambezi region  and other invited guests from other regions of Namibia gathered at Katima Mulilo Sports Complex where they celebrated the 34-year Independence Day of Namibia  on Thursday.

This was the first of its kind  for Zambezi region to host the independence anniversary since 1990 when Namibia got its independence.

President of the Republic of Namibia , Dr Nangolo Mbumba  who was accompanied by his wife , first lady madam Sustjie Mbumba , Vice President Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Prime Minister , Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila  and John Mutorwa, Deputy Prime Minister.

Dr. Mbumba expressed his heartfelt message that the 2024 independence anniversary celebrations are bittersweet due to the recent great loss of the passing of the late president Hage Geingob on February 4, who was laid to rest on February 25, 2024.

“In him, our country lost a wise nation builder and a Peoples President who greatly loved the people of Namibia. For this reason, on our independence anniversary, we also celebrate the legacy of President Geingob, an extraordinary revolutionary icon, whose remarkable lifelong service and devotion to Namibia has left an enduring imprint in the hearts and minds of our citizens as well as friends and acquaintances all over the world.”

He also pointed out that despite hardships caused by droughts, economic downturns and COVID-19, Namibia has done well  to weather storms by upholding the rule of law,

transparency, effective governance and accountability on which Namibian democracy is anchored.

He however, encouraged Namibians  to work together  as one people in unity to shun away  tribalism  , racism and regionalism.

“Let us therefore continue to work together, drawing on the inspiration of the legacy left by President Geingob, to guard the peace, unity and stability we have. Remember, as President Geingob used to say, “It is easy to destroy what has taken a long time to build but it is not easy to rebuild”.

He warned  those   who are engaged in distracting peace and economic development as enemies of the nation.

“We emphasize peace, unity and harmony. Those who are planning to disturb peace, unity and economic development in Namibia are enemies of all our people. True citizens of Namibia should not support or follow these individuals or groups who have chosen the path of division instead of the path of unity.”

President Dr. Mbumba  also called  on the security forces in the country  to be on the lookup to protect local citizens, visitors and tourists.

“In this regard, I call upon our security cluster to redouble their efforts to ensure that Namibia remains safe from external and internal criminal threats, not only for its citizens but also for our visitors and tourists from abroad.”

He said, peace, stability and unity are some of the legacy left  by his former predecessors.

He emphasised peace, that  as a year of election, Namibia is moving  ahead in maintaining  free and fair elections slated for November 27.

“Since this is an election year, let us all play our roles in ensuring that law and order prevails, and that we hold peaceful, credible and fair elections, as we have done in the past. We all have a collective responsibility to ensure that Namibia maintains its reputation as a peaceful and stable country.”

He also advised the Namibian nation not to become destroyers of the future and that of the next generations in practicing tribalism, racism, regionalism, corruption, crime and all similar destructive habits. “Rather, let us become wise nation builders, pulling together in one direction, to decisively win the second phase of the struggle for economic freedom and shared prosperity of our people.”

President Mbumba  stressed that Namibia today has discovered massive gas and oil in Namibian ocean for the establishment of the green hydrogen investment, as part of job opportunities for all Namibians.

He promised that a N$ 100 billion National Budget  for 2024-2025  Financial Year  is expected  to create more job opportunities in Namibia and much needed disposal income , and encouraged private entities, SME industries and local individuals to work together with the government to accelerate economic revival of Namibia for increased job opportunities and development.

Government projects in Zambezi

Zambezi region has been blessed to benefit from the economic advancement by bringing the construction of the 60 kilometres of the power-line at Ivilivinzi to Impalila Island in the Kabbe South Constituency as part of service delivery and job creation.

“In this regard, in the Zambezi region as in all other regions, Government has taken concrete steps to promote economic advancement through the construction of critical infrastructure. For example, the construction of the 60 kilometres long electrical line, starting at Ivilivinzi to Impalila Island, connecting the localities of Mbalasinte and Kasika, has ensured that significant economic growth will take place in these communities.”

He added that the electrification of Impalila and surrounding areas will benefit businesses and boost the tourism industry, amongst other things.

“Government has additionally extended the rural electrification grid to most Government infrastructures region wide. Therefore, 90% of the Zambezi Government Infrastructures are connected to the main grid.”

Another development is  the upgrading to bitumen standard of the Roads MR 125 (Kongola, Sangwali, Linyanyi, Liselo and Kongola-Kamenga) and MR 3508 (Namalubi-Isize-Luhonono) will increase the movement of goods and services as well as new business opportunities in the Zambezi region.

Govt injects N$8-millon for sugar plantation and processing  at Kalimbeza and Katima Mulilo

The Namibian government has availed N$8 million for the Kalimbeza Rice Project , and establishment of sugar plantation as part of Kalimbeza, including the processing of sugar in Katima Mulilo.

“Furthermore, I am pleased to inform you that Government has availed N$8 million to revive

the Kalimbeza National Rice project, and approved that a sugar plantation be established on part of Kalimbeza, as well as a sugar processing plant in Katima Mulilo.”

“These are but few of the projects going on to bring much needed development and jobs to

the Zambezi region, beside others in housing, school infrastructure and provision of water which are in the process.

Now, we must summon the resolve to forge ahead, and together, take care of this Namibian House so that it becomes a true home of hope, joy and prosperity for all its citizens and generations to come.” Concluded President Mbumba







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