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Namcor Opens Two New Retail Service Stations

By Staff Reporter

The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR), has opened two new retail service stations in Khorixas and Ekuku in Namibia.

New Petrol Retail Service Station in Ekuku at Oshakati now opens

The two sites will cater to the fuelling needs of the estimated 6700 residents of Khorixas in the northwest of Namibia and 3000 residents of Ekuku in Oshakati north of Namibia.

In a media statement, NAMCOR vows that the sites are conveniently situated to serve the communities of those areas, and to provide a wide range of fuel and lubricants.The new NAMCOR service stations will offer food and beverage options in the 24-hour convenience store.

“Motorists and travellers are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee and a car wash while exploring the nearby surroundings.”

Managing Director of NAMCOR, Mr. Immanuel Mulunga stated, “NAMCOR continues to implement its expansion strategy across Namibia in line with the directives of our visionary board of directors. These retail sites will create employment opportunities and stimulate the economic recovery of the operational areas, benefitting the local economy and providing sustainable economic value to their respective regions”.

According to him, NAMCOR will continue to serve the nation by way of its expansion strategy that will see the opening of retail sites in key strategic locations across Namibia and potentially in neighbouring countries.

So far, the petroleum utility (NAMCOR) has five (5) new sites currently under construction with a further eight in development in all corners of the country.

The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia – NAMCOR, is the legally enacted entity under the Namibian Companies Act of 1973 with the Government of the Republic of Namibia as its primary stakeholder.

He however further said, “Acting under the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act of 1991, NAMCOR has a mandate to carry our reconnaissance, exploration, and production operations”.


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